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A Little Fed-Up...General Questions? Thanks!
  • Kitmo.Kitmo.
    Posts: 16
    I’ve been around the forum, and am about to try this appliance for the 12th time or so, and I have some questions that may not have been directly asked/answered elsewhere?

    1.An owner for about 6 months now, I’m a bit skeptical of those who post having a life-changing Super-O after their second try. I’m much more responsive to those guys who admit to owning it for a year before getting any results. But what does “owning for a year” mean? How many attempts, on average, will provide the ultimate result? (I guess I’ve got a bit of the common feeling of being generally fed up with trying here.) Like I said, I’ve owned for about 6 months, have had at least 12 EXTENDED sessions (most at least 3 hours, some overnight sleeping with it in as suggested by some here, many different positions, trying different lube suggestions, etc.) with some minor twitching, but that’s it. So when a guy says, “I’ve been at this for eight months and finally had a Super-O” how many sessions are we talking about here? A Dozen? Thirty? Eighty? Every night for eight months?

    2.Getting sick-feeling: During some of my sessions, especially the “overnight” ones (none of which have produced results yet), when I finally wake up, feeling a bit sore, I’ll pull it out, a little fed up, and immediately start feeling sick...not to the point of nausea or throwing up, but I have to very gingerly roll over, not move, and try to fall back asleep, or else I feel I will wretch. The nauseous feeling is definitely located in my lower gut somewhere. This has happened on more than one occasion. Anyone else have this sensation? Unfortunately, it makes me not want to continue trying...but I will.

    3.I’ve looked locally in drug stores and cannot find silicon-based lube—only the glycerin type. This really does have a laxative effect on me, however. After about 2 hours, I’ll have to remove the Aneros and evacuate my bowels—even if I’ve bothered with an enema beforehand. Q: Do silicon-based lubes really have less of a laxative effect, or is this another “personal preference” issue?

    4.The feeling of “needing to pee”...and actually needing to pee: During my sessions, within the first 2 hours, I have an urge to pee. I see some guys say to explore this feeling, or to dismiss it. But I’ve actually discovered...I HAVE TO PEE! Then usually, within another hour or so, I have to pee again...and then again...and again. I usually just get up with the Aneros in, trot over to the toilet, and do my business, but it seems to happen about every hour or so, a little stream each time. This recurring event is a little distracting. Q: Does the Aneros stimulate the bladder? Does anyone else find themselves having to repeatedly pee during extended sessions?

    Well, here I go for try #12. I don’t want to sleep with it in due to the sick-feeling I is not pleasant. But I’ll be here for at least the next three hours, paying attention, breathing, squeezing, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated on any or all of the above. I'll be checking back in...

  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi Kitmo!

    I am sure you will get more expert answers than mine, but I will give you short, concise answers the way I have experienced them for myself...

    1. I am one of the guys that "owned mine" for 7 or 8 Months, before I had success. During that time, I Probably used it every other day, usually. On the conservative end, that would be over 80 attempts at the 7 month mark! (sounds like allot, I guess?) I had no success with the overnit thing and quickly discontinued that early-on! Also, my sessions were a couple of hours long, in the beginning, but I later found that, for myself any way, if I didn't get something worth continuing for going by 45 min. - 1 hr....I stopped for the nite.

    2. I would personaly stop the overnite ones immediately and stop any of them that make you sore or make you feel bad in any way during a session!

    3. You can find just about anything at, but I prefer 95% of the time to use plain old vaseline! (cheap and lasts a long time)

    4. I am on medication that has a side-effect of frequent urination, so I can relate to your every-hour inconvenience! Basically IMHO (in my humble opinion), the Anerose stimulates the Prostate and is in close proximity to the bladder, so it sure does stimulate the bladder! Google a Prostate or Bladder diagram and see for yourself...

    (By the way, I use the on the back with feet flat on bed and knees pointing up most of the time?)

    My advise is to:

    1. Relax, R e l a x a n d R e l a x . . . . . . . .

    2. Breath in and out in steady, even breaths, or tummy breathe, which ever feels better...

    3. Visualize your Prostate with the Anerose litely kissing and rubbing against it and the result being a pure white energy pulsing like an orgasm or some may visualize a flower bud that slowly opens and blooms as the feelings increase! (Oh, well whatever works?)

    4. I only use a very lite contraction, almost like the contraction is pushing the Anerose to gently kiss and make-love to the prostate??? If you are lucky, the prostate and muscles will take-over the contractions for you and you then can just sit back, relax and let it take you where IT wants to go!

    and if I don't get some p-waves or something going by 45 min. - 1 hr. I end the session. I would try this and also try doing it 3 times a week, which will increase your odds of hitting the big one. (IMHO!)

    Hope this helps,

    Later, Hlaser99

  • WardWard
    Posts: 29
    Hey Kitmo,
    I'm one of those persistent ones who finally just recently cracked the code,(2 weeks ago). It took me 11 months averaging twice a week. But I can say with out hesitation that I have had several super "O"'s since and couple mind benders with one that literally almost made me cry. I completely know where you are coming from. I had months with little success. Then I had huge breakthrough and came close to having a super "O" only to have it disapear completely for a couple months. I was only able to get it back when I did the following.
    1) "DON"T EXPECT ANYTHING" Take BMayfields advise and toss out everything you think you know or read in the forum about getting that elusive super "O" and approach this whole thing with a new mindset. Go after it expecting nothing but a good traditional orgasm at the end of the session. I can't stress this enough "DON'T EXPECT ANYTHING" enjoy the ride for what it is nothing more. Don't try to hard and put a bunch of pressure on yourself to hit the super "O".
    2) DO NOT GET FRUSTRATED. As soon as you start to feel frustrated, even a little bit, rub one out and enjoy the great feeling of a a huge orgasm.
    3) NO MORE THAN AN HOUR PER SESSION. Long sessions will lead to frustration. Trust me on this keep it short I'm not saying watch the clock but avoid the long session. And don't sleep with it in. I've done this and yes I did get some cool feelings but it a real hit or mis proposition. Try it after you have found the "O".
    4) THE ONLY GOOD FRUSTRATING IS SEXUAL FRUSTRATION. Give a day or 2 between sessions. I found that if I obtained for 2 or 3 days, the anticipation would get me a bit randy if you know what I mean. Also I tried edging 5 or 6 times on the in between days never ejaculating (Edging is masturbating just short of ejaculating ).It helped.

    Those three things alone where huge for me. They are much easier said than done. A couple of other things that worked for me were if after 15 minutes you don't feel anything good switch positions. Try to find a good positions (one of my favorite is on my stomach with my legs spread again there are people in the forum who think this one is bad but oh well). The relaxation thing... I don't know I took that one to heart. I think that was one of my stumbling blocks. I would lay perfectly still and contract and breath and it just didn't work for me in the end. I finally hit my first super "O" only after several sessions with the 4 rules firmly in mind and then when I tried a couple of things completely different and go against everything in the forum. I started to give myself a slightly more than moderate contractions and moved my hips a bit and it set everything off. Also I switched from my helix to my Maximus mid session. The helix wasn't doing it for me so it was near the end of my session and I switched to get ready for a great orgasm. Note here again, most people in this forum will tell you the Max doesn't move much a many discount it saying it was just too big. Guess what... SEE RULE 1. It felt great! As a matter of fact it was the first time I could actually feel my prostate being fully engaged. Guess what else... I now had something to focus on. Before I didn't really know what to feel or where to feel it. Once all this was in play, I could focus, I could pin point what felt good, I was moving and grinding... not relaxing. Since then I have had success with all my other units Helix and Eupho in about every position imaginable. Oh lastly, lube. Again don't over think it. I tried just about everything on this forum and here is what worked for me. First I put a thin coat of vasoline on the aneros followed by a liberal coat of KY. Internal lube, please excuse me while I get a little graphic here, don't load up with lube it will only upset your stomach and make you feel like you have to poop. I took someones advise in the forum and after I shower as part of the getting ready I apply a dollop of KY to my finger and work it in, followed by another and another...usually about 3 or 4 times. I find that by doing it this way I can get lube where I need it and apply it directly to my prostate. Also it helps get me a bit revved up for the session. I hope this helps. Please remember these were my keys to success. They may not be yours and they are probably not for everyone. You just have to have faith that it will happen. Unfortunately it has to find you. Again don't expect anything, don't get frustrated, no more than an hour, and the only good frustration in sexual frustration. Remember everything you read in this forum are things that have worked for that individual and they may or may not work for you. Learn from them but don't expect a magic bullet... it ain't there. Unfortunately we are all wired a bit differently. Mix it up and have fun with it. Try to find something posative in each session. You know... Hey I was able to generate involuntary contractions, I hit my prostate, I had a great tradition orgasm... sooner or later you will end the session with a big smile saying "I just had a super "O". Good luck, and hang in there....remember don't expect anything, don't get frustrated.....
  • Kitmo.Kitmo.
    Posts: 16
    (this post was edited 2006-11-05 13:04:14)

    hlaser and Ward: Thanks for writing and for your thoughts and advice. On the practical side, I hear you both saying:

    1. "Keep it to an hour or so." OK, and thanks for the suggestion. I will do that. You are both right on target--trying for 4 hours (or overnight) over and over again does increase the frustration level. So, smaller steps rather than diving in.

    2. You both mentioned Vaseline as well to supplement the lube, and to go light on the lube itself due to laxative effects, so I'll go buy a jar of Vaseline and stop squirting half a tube of KY up my arse! Thanks for being supportive!!!!!!

    On the more "theoretical side," your advice is well taken. Actually, by telling me exactly how much "practice" you both required, this helps me realize that there is "learning" going on here. I think we all consider sex/orgasm/ejaculation in such "innate" and "natural" terms that this can create a kind of "learning gap"--we think sex should be second-nature, so why the hell isn't anything happening here?

    This line of thinking has led me to a personal memory that is incredibly applicable: I often ponder and dinstinctly remember "learning" to have an orgasm the first time as a youngster around 10 years old. I "knew" nothing about what an orgasm was, or what the point of one was, but I felt distinctly like there was "something on the other side" of that intense rubbing feeling I was giving myself under the sheets against my inner thigh night after night. Of course, I had no evidence that anything would occur or that there was anything else there, but something in my genes instinctually said "you aren't quite there yet" and egged me to keep rubbing (even though sometimes it got painful). And then all of the sudden one night during a marathon rubbing session, after trying for months upon months (as I was actually starting to fall asleep but continuing to rub)...SHIVER!! SHIVER!! BUZZ!! SHIVER!! I woke up, suddenly. WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT? I thought I dreamt it! A dry orgasm, but an orgasm nevertheless! Well, what was going on there is exactly the same kind of "learning and listening" that has to go on here, I think. Keeping this memory in my mind will help me keep perspective.

    It's easy to forget that there was a point in my life when I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT AN ORGASM WAS, and it had to "find" me, as you both seem to be putting it. One thing I have found that, even since my original post only a few days ago (and I'm 2 more sessions in), some of my feelings have changed ever so slightly. It is like my body is learning how to react to the device more, somehow. For example, in my last session, I had very intense feelings right away--feelings that were different from the general discomfort I felt 6 months ago upon insertion. This time, on my 14th try, it felt good right off the bat as soon as I got it up there, even though the muscles themselves were tensed up. I think that's a good sign that I'm "learning" something--just like when I was ten years old learning to have an orgasm. Certainly, when I was a young kid, there was a point where contact with my penis in a rubbing fashion was an irritating discomfort. That changed, though, with experience and familiarity. That's what "traveling along the learning curve" is, I think.

    Oh, one more thing regarding the "stop expecting, stop following rigid rules, and have fun" note: I, too, have found just about every position gives some pleasure of some kind, even on my belly, legs spread. To this end, allow me to say I realize my post seems extremely pessimistic-sounding. So, just know that I DO find what I've experienced so far is pleasurable; I am making prostate contact all the time, and it is certainly a different sexual sensation than anything else in my life, which is grrrrreat! It just isn't mindbending--not yet. But just feeling the small pleasure so far helps to draw my mind away from expecting anything. You know, I can easily just go along for the *small* ride, and in the meantime, I'm getting some "practice" in!

    Thanks again! I will keep you posted!

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357

    about your rubbing at age ten and not knowing where it was going until.... i've used just that metaphor in some of my posts (remember when you didn't know what an orgasm was and you just...) to suggest having no expectations.

    thanks for the true story.

  • WardWard
    Posts: 29
    Hey Kitmo,
    I think you are on your way. You know I did leave one thing out because it was part of my earlier success... When I had my first results with the p wave sensations, before I lost them completely for awhile. I did use my wifes Slightest Touch. I found now that if I want to have a good session when I not totally reved up I plug in for a half hour and I ready to rock and roll. It really gets your prostate humming and intensifies all the sensations. It is expensive but it is certianly something to consider. I may push in the right direction. BMayfield has a great string about this. You may want to check it out.
    Good Luck
  • Expectations are the killer.

    I had mine about 7 months as well. I probably used it 4 or 5 times a week for the first month. After that I sort of gave up for a couple months. When I returned with little expectations, I found all sorts of things happening. I only used it once or twice a week after that.

    As for lube, try something thicker. I swear by "probe ultrathick." It does contain glycerine but the thickness of it keeps it from getting into where is is not supposed to.