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  • I have been using an SGX for three months now with highly satisfactory results. I use it almost daily, sometimes more than once. Usually, I insert it at bedtime and do not take it out until either I need to sleep, it's time to get up and get on with the day or the perineum tab starts to feel uncomfortable. This is the only problem I have experienced. On the positive side, my Aneros has opened up a whole new world of sexuality and improved my peeing performance.

    However, my usage is rather more use than recommended and I would like to know the basis of the recommended duration and frequency of use.

    I also wonder whether the perineum discomfort could be relieved by adjusting the tab?

    Well done Aneros!

    Dynamic Dave
  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250

    In other threads, some of the recommendations (which worked for me also) are:

    ...if the Aneros is comfortable, length and frequency of use is less important.
    ...since you take the Aneros out if the tab becomes uncomfortable, you have that point covered
    ...with time, the Perinium muscles will strengthen and the tab will become more comfortable

    Enjoy yourself!

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134
    (this post was edited 2006-11-02 16:56:39)

    Dynamic dave,

    Although I've posted on this extensively elsewhere.....I can't seem to find it for you, so here it is thumbnail. Your question boils down to..."is it possible to have too much of a good thing?". In my opinion... it is .

    The fact is that the prostate was not designed to be loaded with constant, unending stimulation. Overstimulating oneself can result in the occurence of a negative feedback loop such that the prostate requires an increasing intensity of stimulation to register the same amount of sensation. Doing this can lead to short term, and in some instances long term desensitization (numbing) ..which is not the desired effect. Sensible stimulation tunes in prostate sensitivity (by a mechanism that I've often referred to as rewiring). So you say..."what is sensible stimulation?" This will vary from one individual to the next, but suffice it to say that everyone must give their prostate a break at some point. This resting time helps charge sensitivity and arousal both, with the effect that it leads you to much better sessions down the line.

    It's easy to get caught up with this kind of stimulation, particularly when one has already discovered pleasure in this way. But maintaining perpective is important as well. Integrating and balancing this in your life will give it all a much greater meaning and depth. Naturally, this comes with time.

    With respect to the tab, there are individuals who are overstimulated by it where others feel they aren't getting enough. The truth is that anatomical variations from one person to the next makes this so. If you've been using the Aneros for a short amount of time, then it may behoove to wait longer to see if you become accustomed to the tab. On the other hand, if you've been at this for many months now and you find yourself becoming more irritated by it,.. you may want to consider one of the various workarounds that have been posted here in the forum (one of the recent ones involves isolating the tab with a section of a ping pong ball!). As a last resort tab modification is also possible (do a search and you'll find some postings on that....I've authored several of those myself).

    Of course this issue with the tab may just be evidence of overdoing it with your Aneros sessions too! Give yourself a break and see if it doesn't help in this regard.

    BF Mayfield
  • TripperTripper
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    (this post was edited 2006-11-03 11:09:21)


    Thanks for your post. I had not seen your earlier post that you reference. Can you say something more specific about the frequency of use that you recommend based on the issues you talk about?

    Twice per week? Is that probably ok for most folks? Every other day? Daily? I know this will be dependent on the individual somewhat. And session length? But what is the range you feel satisfies your concerns?


  • From Dynamic Dave

    Thanks for your observations, Tripper and B F Mayfield. I would have preferred to be advised that I should just keep on going but I guess that every silver lining has to have a cloud and I shall give it a rest for a day or two. Certainly, I have not had an aftershock for some time (my first woke me during the night and lasted for around 2 glorious hours without an erection at any point) and spasms have been few and weak recently. A pity, I was enjoying my nightly suck on my dummy.

    What has continued to improve is the quantity of semen and the strength of orgasm when I feel the urge to ejaculate which is only about twice a week.

    But the big picture is: sex continues to be huge fun whether solo or with my wife and experimentation is part of that fun so long as you don't lose the plot. Next step is to see if my wife can learn to multi orgasm-a subject that seems to raise remarkably little interest. I have made an enquiry on this site but, so far, no takers.

    Dynamic Dave
  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250

    For the wife,

    ...Slightest Touch (ST)



    She will worship you for life if you can get her to try the ST.

    Have fun,