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  • drac42drac42
    Posts: 7
    one of the weirdest experiences of my life happened last night. as I layed down with the MGX for what has now become an almost nightly ritual... .anyways, before I got to even apply any lubricant or anything, to my shock, horror, and laughter, my LEGS STARTED MOVING ON THEIR OWN. It was like suddenly looking down and being like, "Hey... why are my legs moving??" I was on my back and my legs spread apart bent at the knees...

    Now I am thinking holy shit what the hell just happened. this is like some Alien shit or something. So I keep trying to get setup and roll slightly to the right and it happens again!!! now my left leg moves up to the classic "side" position as my right leg straightens. It was like my body was trying to say "give it to me!" To ass to this point I got hit with some heavy contractions out of nowhere, without any Aneros in place yet. I have heard of this happening, but never the "legs-wtih a mind of their own" part...

    So now I am flipping out a bit, but also laughing a little. Really it was like my body was a separate entity, like a dog begging for a treat. so now I am trying to speed things up, getting hard as hell, and roll slightly to my left and... Here we go again... now they move up to the fetal/ both knees raised position. Keep in mind I am not trying to do ANY of this myself, they were moving ON THEIR OWN. Really one of the weirdest things I have ever experienced, and I am no stranger to weird experiences. So now in the double knee to chest position slightly to the left and a wave of intense Super-o-like contractions starts hitting and I am like WTF!!! I havent even gotten started!!! Laughing and also shitting a brick over this loss of control...

    Anyways, please if anyone can tell me what the hell is happening I would love to know. Has anyone else experienced this? I was starting to think the Aneros was designed by aliens bent on controlling the human race through super -o's ... (ok I was a little messed up, but not THAT messed up.)

    thanks let me know!!!
  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250
    It's either a great example of "rewiring" or LSD.