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Classic Vs. MGX
  • arcanearcane
    Posts: 6
    I am pondering getting an MGX and or Classic (sold only in the Volcano pack as far as I can see).

    Has anyone had experience with the Classic? The head seems to be more angled than the MGX, is that accurate?


  • VirgVirg
    Posts: 154
    I purchased the Classic when it was not called that and Aneros could only be found on a couple websites, and I searched a lot for being pricing.

    I got it with much hope of fun and games but it went NO WHERE. Granted, the majority have the same experience except for those folks that have SHAZZAM! right out of the box. I think they have got to be mutants or it's an alien plot to make the males of the human race feel "inadequate"...

    This was a couple years ago and there was no forum (that I knew of). I tossed it in the back of the drawer and forgot about it.

    I decided to try again and no luck.

    I did not want to admit defeat and purchased the Helix and MGX as a package.

    With strains of Carly Simon running through my head, "Anticipation...", I opened the package, shredding as I went, leaving a trail to the bedroom, and... No SHAZZAM!...

    Then I started reading everything I could (Having invested big bucks!) and it is a few months lately. I am having a WILD time! I had a session today that lasted 3 hours and if it does not get any better than this, I will die an happy man! It is just that everyone keeps talking about that damned Big "O" thing...really distracting...

    It is all about practice and patience. It is a journey, or process, or skill, or whatever you want to call it. All of us (almost), to varying degrees, have a dud feeling after the first try. The key is trying, giving it time, learning what the feelings are and what they mean to your body.

    The critical thing for me was getting control of my muscles, practicing so they got stronger, more practice which led to more muscle tone and control. Now, I see the Helix and MGX as an instruments that I "play"... Serious..., that is how it feels at times. The sensations are similiar to the emotions and feelings I have (to a lesser degree) at a really good, initimate live music event. And, even when you think you are there, you do something a week or two later that is amazing, all because the muscles are developing, as is your experience of what works and feels good. I wrote a thread called, "Muscle Tone ROCKS". Read it if you like.

    I digress...a lot...

    Personally, I would forget the Classic and go for the MGX and Helix package. I tried mine again last week and concluded it was too small, for me, that is and I am 6 foot. It just did not perform as well as when I use the Helix and the MGX.

    I also decided that I did not like the two little nubs on the "head". As far as rubbing the prostrate, I can see why the developers throught those nubs were a good thing but I think that they much too aggressive on the rectal wall and/or prostrate. The fact that they are not on any of the other models validates my opinion.

    Hope this helps...
  • EnemagraEnemagra
    Posts: 104

    The sensations are similiar to the emotions and feelings I have (to a lesser degree) at a really good, initimate live music event.

    i know this is off topic... but i couldnt bite my tongue after reading that. it is SO true! especially if you are passionate about music. about a week ago, i went to an AMAZING concert with some friends... all of us were blown away, but especially me, as i was having extreme pelvic waves the whole time. the better the concert got, the more intense the waves became to the point i actually thought i might involuntarily fall over and look like i was having a seizure (no such event, thank god). anyways, the buzz from the concert stayed with me all through the next day until i had my best session to date.
  • arcanearcane
    Posts: 6
    LOL So I am NOT the only one who gets 'tingly' listening to music? There is this one guitar solo that hits me every time (Steve Morse with Deep Purple -the track maybe called "Haunted")... the last 10 seconds of it just starts my nervous system humming, right from the middle of my torso.

    I hadnt thought of that as an 'orgasm' per se, but considering the sensations I am getting with the Aneros, they may well be warning signs huh?