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Third time is the charm,....maybe?!
  • arcanearcane
    Posts: 6
    Hello everyone,

    I just got my Helix late last week and have had only three oppportunities to try it.

    In reading the posts, my experiences have generated some questions.

    For one thing I dont seem to have much of a buildup. That "warm" sensation that some report, or tinglings just arent happening. During the first half of todays session ( it was inturrupted by lunch ), I reminded myself what pressure on my prostate is supposed to feel like using one of my digits. With that firmly in mind I reinserted the Helix and tried to gauge my contractions so I could feel it in my prostate, without much luck. The sensation was not nearly as strong as my thumb could produce. However I kept at it relaxing and reading my body responses, then changed positions from kneeling with my chest on the sofa and my hips stretched back (arching my back), to almost on my belly but with one leg pulled up as high as I could.... and it was like someone shot me with a taser.

    My torso muscles all contracted centering around my pelvis (I particularly recall my gluteal muscles clamping down as if I were thrusting during sex) and my arms and legs stopped responding correctly to my desires. Every time I thought the spasms had passed and went to move I got hit by another wave, this went on for only a couple of minutes. I removed the Helix and figured I had made headway so came online to read more and see how my experiences stacked up.

    After lunch and some more reading I figured I would try again and had simimlar responses, but a bit stronger and more encompassing. At one point as I was trying to get to my knees to call a stop to the session I convulsed again and essentially was in a kneeling position with knees wide spread and my arms straight supporting my body (similar to a 'wolf howling at the moon' ).

    So the questions which came to me are these....

    1) Does anyone else just fall over the edge with little to no warning?

    2) Will I start becoming more aware of the 'warnings' so I can control them better ? (Yeah that is one that only experience will answer I am sure)

    3) I had thought that "involuntary contractions" referred to anal/rectal muscles, do they instead refer to full body voluntary muscle contractions? (If so I was looking for the wrong thing the first two times....

    NOW some advice for those who are starting but being distracted by penile sensation. The first contraction today caused my pelvis to slam downward and as I had moved off the blanket I was on, I actually gave myself a rug burn in an area which most would think impossible. Oh it may look like a helmet but it is soft tissue!! So I got a condom and put it on for round two, to avoid the occaisional stinging pain when my erection brushed against my abdomen. This helped deaden the sensations comeing form my penis and helped refine my attention to what the Helix was doing.

    Another tip: stay warm. I wrapped myself up in a blanket while experimenting. This meant that I stayed constistently warm. The lack of room temperature air hitting my skin, especially in the ano-rectal area, again helped me focus on the 'interior' sensations. (I would imagine anone who is slightly uncomfortable for social reasons with this activity would feel more secure and comfortable this way)

    Hope to hear from someone with more experience soon regarding those questions.
    Thanks for your time.