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Involuntaries - confusion
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    I thought I'd been having involuntaries for the last few weeks, namely a tingling in the "inner" perineum, accompanied by twitching of the anal sphincter and feeling like there was a pulse there (probably IS a pulse from the increased blood perfusion of the aroused area).

    last night was different. I used a new relaxation technique I'd forgotten about long ago - "Atmosphere Deluxe" from

    This got me quite a bit more relaxed and "empty-headed" than I'd been previously.

    I actually started my session with the Helix, seated at 10pm, watching Brokeback Mountain - for no particular reason other than I'd never seen it before. Nothing much happened for a couple of hours but when I went to bed at Midnight with the Helix in place and Atmosphere Deluxe playing over my earbuds, as I was drifting in and out of sleep, I kept having a strong "clamping" sensation in my lower abdomen, which was accompanied by maybe a dozen rapid spasms in my ? rectum. I wasn't sure at first whether perhaps I needed to "go" and it was a voluntary action, but after returning from an unnecessary trip to the small room, they started again and were definitely not self-induced.

    Do these sound like the famous involuntaries to anyone? They were a lot stronger than any feelings I've had before and also stronger and more "total" than the very strongest contractions I could ever do myself.

    I think after about an hour I fell asleep and didn't experience anything else during the night.

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    Hi WM!

    I am not an expert, as some on this Forum, but it sounds to me like you're undergoing some major "re-wiring" inside???

    When I get involuntary contractions, or sometimes, I get a single involuntary "clamp-down", especially the "clamp-down" it is much more powerful than I could do myself!

    Sometimes I get a single involuntary that feels like it's the size of a pee and it just cranks down and holds itself there, till I start having a super-O! (from nowhere it latches on and sometimes pulses till it grows onto an "O") I just let it have it's way with me and relax???

    I know...relax...relax...relax...right???

    Your journey should start getting more and more interesting, now!

    A female friend from the KSMO( site recently said something that says it better than I can! "When that "little spark" comes, learn to welcome it as a friend and lover." My little spark is usually a wonderful little feeling or tickle that I think is actually a low level orgasm! I now actually talk to it now: "Good Morning little spark...i love you very much"... (sound crazy?)

    It starts behind my balls but deeper inside... (maybe it's the "sweet spot" on my prostate???) But this is the place where most of the good stuff usually starts from! (for me any way?)

    Enjoy the ride,'s awesome!!!

    Later, Hlaser99

  • Hi there

    Thanks for the input. Rather like some people find with a mind-blowing session full of super-O's, after the first clamp-down hit, I thought "I must have imagined that" or "it's nothing, just background chatter" but when it happened again and again, I realized it was far from the usual background!

    Clearly it wasn't going anywhere else last night, since the session in its entirety was 10 hours and I had 8 hours or so left before I got up.

    Also I forgot to mention that during watching the movie, I spent 20 minutes or so doing kegels, which I've not really done before during a session as nothing seemed to happen. Previously I'd been following the "lie back and think of England" method with the "pelvic floor droop" which was seemingly doing nice things but NOTHING like what happened last night. It was an intense contraction but I have to say I didn't really feel much during it. Maybe the underlying pelvic floor tingling was being swamped by the smooth muscle involuntary actions. I think tonight I will try doing the kegels at first while watching a movie/perhaps high-quality Japanese porn but for longer this time. Then when I go to bed, I'll wind down with the Atmosphere program and just lie still.

    Today I stumbled across the Seb Cox website and while I'm not going to bring up his "own" prostate stimulator, I have read some of the site with a broad mind and learned a few things. Namely, there are two rings of muscle in the anus - external, which is under voluntary control and an internal one which is involuntary. He says that with enough practise, the inner involuntary sphincter can be brought under voluntary control, this being the muscle ring which originally is resisting insertion of the "foreign object."

    If you think about it, everyone has control over the external muscles and stimulating the anal area is pleasurable for anyone who doesn't have a hang-up about the back door. I expect every Aneros or anal virgin who attempts to insert something the first time has to battle with the internal sphincter which is responding to fear and "only doing its job". With time, the sphincter loses its battle and is desensitized from its primary function, postulation would be, how about with this desensitization, comes the SENSITIZATION of this area in line with the external musculature/nerves and hence the involuntaries?

    ...a kind of pseudo scientific explanation of why the involuntaries aren't there immediately for everyone?

    My 2c

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    Please do not mistake all philisophical nonsense in this movie for scientific fact. The "science" in this film is seriously distorted, and therefore their "conclusions" are flawed. (Ask any quantum physicist or any real scientist.)

    Super O's however, are real. Nothing mystical about them. Just as the rest of our world. :)
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    Oops, wrong thread.