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Body positioning
  • I've been an Aneros owner for a couple of years now. Started off with the MGX then moved up to the Helix and Maximus. Whilst initially getting what I would call a good response...some involuntaries and near orgasmic many, I appeared to lose it and went through the frustration of wondering what this was all about. Any sort of results appeared to be very hit or miss. I've tried different positions, different times of day, relaxing, clenching, leaving sessions a few days, a name it. Never seemed to get any further. In fact I started to doubt whether I was even making contact with the prostate.

    Then I read Darwin's thread 'Relax relax, relax' and looked to relax the pelvic floor. I seemed to make some headway getting some of those feelings that I had experienced when I first set out on the journey.

    I also remembered reading somewhere on the forum about kneeling and arching your back and although I had tried this hadn't got good results...not sure if it was a matter of the position didn't suit me or whether it was giving my knees a hard time. So the other day I found myself sitting on the floor back against the bed, MGX inserted and knees pulled up and slightly apart with feet flat on the floor (In effect this is very much like the kneeling position). I relaxed the pelvic floor and everything else! When I dropped my head down towards my chest thereby causing the back in to become arched, I started to get a tingling or tickling 'under' the perineum. I focused hard and concentrated on it. This tickling eventually led to an orgasmic feeling that developed into what must be the Super O - a dry orgasm. I felt as though I was cumming but wasn't! Body was shaking and I was moaning without control. This feeling lasted what seemed like minutes. Things subsided and then I was able to 'feel' for the tickling again and start the whole process off again. I probably did this 3 or 4 times but then realized that I was tiring although am sure that I could have managed more.

    The following day I tried again and incorporated the soft palete nursing! I had another 2 hours of hands free dry orgasms - fantastic. Although still early days to see whether this will consistently produce results, I now know what I need to do to at least induce those feelings.

    Thanks Darwin for sharing your superb ideas on different techniques. They certainly started the chain reaction needed for me.

  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Congratulations, milkyway!

    Welcome to the Club, your re-wiring process must be near completed!!!

    Darwin does come up with some amazing techniques, several of which I use myself... Another gold star for Darwin! Wonder where he gets them all??? (maybe he pulls them out of his ass! LOL!) Sorry Darwin, couldn't resist???

    I do know at this junctiontI had the feeling of: "what if the ability all goes away tomorrow or what if I just dreamed all this stuff"... Of course it happened, you prooved it! It's good to have a place, where people believe your story and are of like-mind, isn't it???

    Now, believe it or not, from here it even gets better and better! One thing I noticed after I had the big "O" for the first time, is when I went back to my old notes and some of the old posts, I found that things that didn't used to work now work amazingly well now that I was re-wired!

    At your leisure, I would check-out the old stuff like nipple play, for instance, that didn't work at all before... (also old Anerose models sometimes start working???)

    later, Hlaser99