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New at it
  • MBMB
    Posts: 2
    I'm new, What would you say would be suffecient session time? or should one becomes totally fusterated walk around with it in bum and wait until someone asks what the heck is that grin all about or something happens, or is it just quiet time only.?
    I'm just fusterated righ now. Would you sleep with it in?
  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250
    See the John2006 thread. On the sleeping question, there are other threads but some have had nothing exciting happen while others had a nice breakthru. Everybody has a different response to the Aneros.
  • Hi

    I had a few "panics" when I first got the Helix, falling asleep accidentally and then waking up with a very warm feeling in my abdomen which was almost like having an electric shock (which I've had several times) and this scared me, so I whipped the Helix out as soon as possible, for some reason thinking I was going to lose bowel control.

    I've been a user for nearly 2 months now and I've got to the point where I am having very little reaction from sleeping with the Aneros in place; I expect I'm conditioned to it now.

    What would really be a bummer is if the gushing electric feeling was actually the start of a super O, I read the signals wrong and now it takes months to get that feeling back!