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  • After using the aneros the other night for the 7 time or so the next day I had alot of spasming going on through out the day at the perinium. Just wondering if this is that rewiring I have heard about.
  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250

    Sure sounds like it. Especially if you never had that effect before using the Aneros. Keep going. All kinds of nice surprises along the way. Savor each one.

  • I'm having sensations during the day, especially when seated on a hard chair, which are centered seemingly around the accupressure point but internally, and which feel as if my body is goading me into masturbating to get rid of this slightly "horny" feeling. Does this sound like re-wiring? It used to - like the night panics I mentioned - be quite a bit more obvious than it is now, but my in-session experiences are pretty much as they have always been.