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Getting Closer. I Think ?
  • Right
    I read Darwin's excellent post titled Relax,Relax,Relax. This post has been the most benecifial to me but it now leads me to another question.

    I wont go through the whole session just to say I got to a stage were I could inhale deeply with the slightest of contraction on my Helix and could feel it brush against my prostate. I would hold that breath then gently release. Did this several times and my penis became very very hard. It also felt like I had goosebumps in my scrotum. This stage happened 3 times and all very pleasurable and I followed Darwin's advise to relax and enjoy the feelings.
    Now my questions?

    1/ I got the above stage and I relaxed. Really I did but I could not take it further. I had no sudden warm feeling so what was this I was experiencing?

    2/ Darwin you say no more than an hour per session. OMG I was enjoying the feelings that much I was at it for 3 hours. Is this wrong thing to do? It takes a good half hour to get any feelings as it is?

    After what I felt this morning all i want to do is do it again. This thing is like being addicted and you want me to leave it alone for couple of days?

    I'm now having trouble doing the Key Sound because I'm suppose to leave the Helix alone. Hmmmm not easy to do
  • EnemagraEnemagra
    Posts: 104
    it sounds like youve reached a quintessential landmark! in terms of the 1 hour limit, i dont think anyone will dissagree with me if i say that if youre really enjoying it, keep going as long as you want and see if you can take it to new heights! often my breakthroughs happen well past the one hour mark. however, if youre having a bland session, dont try and force it; this is when you should utilise the one hour rule. what youve described sounds very similair to where i was not too long ago; i think if you keep doing what youre doing you should be getting new, more intense feelings shortly, but for now focus on what benifits youve realise thus far. best of luck!
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    a few reasons to quit after an hour or so and to lay off for a couple of days:
    - you're quiting while your ahead
    - you're building up tension for your next time
    - your body can only learn so much at one time
    - avoid soreness so you can come back at it with full (built-up) pleasure next time.

    just a suggestion not a rule.

    glad to hear that you're feeling so much