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Health benefits: yes, sexual benefits: not yet
  • Hi all. Been checking in on this forum regularly for new info and i appreciate everyone's frankness.
    i got my Helix a few months ago and I use it appx 2X per week. I have not experienced any of the erotic benefits yet. Perhaps one day and that will be great, meanwhile I will continue to use it.

    I have found that the following preparation works well: rinse the colon using Higginson pump, though you do need to mind your pump so you continue to pump water and not air. Next, prelube colon with 1 or 2 cc of KY or WET, then a thin layer of Petroleum Jelly on the Helix, then some KY on that. It is kind of a long way to get there, but all this prep works pretty well for me in that I don't experience any pain, cramping or sluggish movement of the Helix.

    I do the breathing excersizes, I do the various clamping cycles, though I sometimes confuse them (they feel very similar). Never has my anus nor colon taken over the movements as so many report, no waves, no precum, no erection and no orgasm of any kind.

    Philosophically, to me anyway, I am getting nowhere. However, and I think this is important. For the health of my prostate, after a session with my Helix, when I masturbate I deliver a greater quantity of ejaculate and more forcefully than usual. Yes, it's a great whoopee to see that but in truth it tells me that the Helix has caused all my plumbing to flow more freely and that is good from any perspective.

    At first I was excited to look forward to great new spastic, uncontrolled sexual heights (and I would welcome any now), but now I realize that if I get nothing more than what I have, I am still ahead of all those other guys who do nothing about their prostates except wait for them to swell to the point of non performance and then go on prescription drugs.

    Aneros is good for prostate health.

    Sorry to be so long. Just trying to be clear.

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    Hi, I'm in a simialr position. I get a real tingle in my anus, and around my cock and ball area, but I'm certainly not hitting any Os yet. However I am finding that my plumbing is in much better shape, I pee like a teen, my cum is much better and my erections are more sensitive to touch. Only real thing is that when usig the Aneros I cannot get erect and if anything my cock gets softer and smaller. I can still masturbate and cum, and the sensation is really heightened, but I really wish I could get hard or at least semi hard. Any advice from anyone in a similar situation would be welcome.
  • BusterBuster
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    Hi Guys,

    There is alot to ponder here. Both of you seem to be in the exact spot. Jack, I think that your attitude of being happy with where you are at but welcome to anything that comes along will serve you well. You have been at it a few months going about 2 times per week. I was about on that same schedule and it took me about 6 months before I had any big breakthrough. Check back in with us in the forum to let us know your progress.

    JoeG, I would imagine that the blood flow in your body is concentrated at your groin area during your sessions. The object here is not really to get an erection (although some do) during your sessions. I have often said that an erection for me seldom happens and when it does, it is just a distraction to the task at hand. Let's just sessions end quicker. When I am ready to end a session with a wank, a little direct stimulation usually will do the trick. Like I said, they dont happen very often on their own. I hope that getting an erection is not too much of a distraction for you, because this whole process gets longer with distractions.

    Good luck boys, I am sure you are on your way. It will happen, just keep going.