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All Aneros and Nero as well
  • BilldoBilldo
    Posts: 25
    I own the Helix, Eupho, MGX, and Maximus. My last purchase was the [KNOCK-OFF]...I understand that legal issues may be at work between the Aneros and [KNOCK-OFF] group, but that's not what I'm interested in here.

    I've never had a super-O, but I am continually getting closer. I noticed almost no stimulation at first, except during regular orgasm. ALL of the models increase the sensation during intercourse and oral sex to a great degree. Strangely, the Helix seems to do the least for me, but more on the models in a moment.

    So months of very little sensation, and then it started building. At this point there have been many times that I felt like I've been very close to having an orgasm, but always back off before it gets there. Sometimes the toys are jumping around wildly with rhythmic contractions, and other times there is no discernable movement, but it feels like I'm about to cum.

    Part of me really likes the [KNOCK-OFF]. It feels like it just LOCKS into place and puts a very enjoyable pressure on the inside of prostate. It is certainly good during traditional sex, after you hacksaw the giant tab off the back so it isn't getting in the way. But it is so big, it just doesn't move like the Aneros products. I was intrigued at first, and still use it at times during a blowjob, but I think it is probably not going to be the path to the super-O for me.

    I tried it mainly because the Maximus seemed so much better for me than the others, but now I'm noticing that the smaller massagers seem to be better for building feelings of orgasm ON THEIR OWN, and the larger massagers seem to be better as an adjunct to normal ejaculatory activity.

    If my wife is going to take care of me, the Maximus and [KNOCK-OFF] are tied for best sensation, followed by the MGX. But for focus on the prostate, my favorite at this point is the Eupho and then the MGX. The Helix seems off the mark for either.

    I've noticed for the prostate only stimulation that the Eupho and MGX, since they're so much smaller, seems to be more...delicate...I guess that's the best word. With both of them, I can almost imagine that it is a finger stroking me from the inside. The Nero is WAY too big to stroke like's a unique feeling as well, but not the same pleasurable sensation.

    I'm probably done buying these toys at this point, unless Aneros has some more coming out. The [KNOCK-OFF] is nice for variety, but its design seems a bit heavy-handed. I'd like to see some new things from Aneros, but failing that I'll keep using the Maximus and Nero (mainly Maximus) during traditional sex and look for the MGX and Eupho to continue my path towards a non-penile experience. It feels like I'm very close...almost feels as good as orgasm already.

    Just 2 cents from someone who has tried all of the models.