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Ano-jac (aka ''capture the balls'')
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,335
    as some of you know, i've returned to the aneros from KSMO (after having my first ever dry O's via KSMO). I'm using a new eupho. I've used it about four or five times. I'll be going back and trying my other models (ones that I never had O's with), to see how they feel now that i'm wired.

    tonight was really great.

    1) position: a variation of the on back with feet on bed. instead, on back on mat on floor, feet on ottoman. it was a very excellent position to start the flow. after an hour of O-ing, i switched for a bit to doggie and to kneeling up (holding a chair for balance). they were both great for in-the-thick-of-it positions.

    2) the particular thing i want to report on is my first "Ano-jac." That's when you use the technique suggested by the manufacturer to have a hands-free ejac. I was enticed to it because my balls were feeling very sensitive to pleasure, causing my legs to close around them to stimulate them. I remembered the trick of capturing them behind your legs and straightening your legs to strech everything. It felt very good, and clearly accelerated my arousal. I kept trying it, feeling like i was onto an intense ejac-O. But I couldn't get there. Then I did exactly what the manufacturer recommended: I captured my balls behind my legs, but this time, my legs were crossed, one over the other. Holy shit. It absolutely worked! I had the most intense O of the night, by far, and I came and came.

    for you guys that are still trying to push your arousal up into the O level, try the "capture the balls" trick.