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Almost falling asleep, or what?
  • KariKari
    Posts: 3
    Just after a few days with the aneros, and with no great progress, not really expecting anything happening so fast...
    Yesterday I had a long time trying to and actually relaxing with my aneros. At some point I felt like almost falling asleep. At that point I had some kind of a very pleasant wave of feeling, like be detached from my body for a moment. It's somthing very similar to what I experience when I am actually falling asleep, but then I am not quite sure if it is just that, or something to do with the aneros and "rewiring". Anyway, because of my concentration, I wasn't falling asleep, and had that falling kind of wave kind of feeling twice.
    So, could anybody comment, am I just falling asleep, or am I doing some progress, or both, maybe?
  • TaurusTaurus
    Posts: 33
    Hi Kari,

    That's actually very normal, I've had my Aneros for just over a month and within the last few weeks I've been starting sessions out around 10:00PM or so and sometimes I often come close to falling asleep or actually fall asleep and then something starts to happen.

    I've also had sessions exactly as you describe, not falling asleep and concentrating but feel detached. Last night I had a more significant break through, I had fallen asleep and all of a sudden woke up to a fantastic feeling (I posted a message about it in a thread I started called weird experience).

    This afternoon I had another session and this one freaked me out a little, things started out really well, I then got into a state where I felt detached and was being pulled far away, the other thing that was so strange is that it felt like I had been stretched, the p-waves and tingling sensations I started out with seemed to be so far away but they were still there. It got a little out of hand so I decided to pull myself back to reality and stop my session, since that point I've felt a little nauseous, I'm hoping it's from too much Thanksgiving turkey and pie rather than the Aneros.

    In short it sounds like you're on the right track, you've had it only for a short time and you've already had what it took me about 2 weeks to get, these feelings/experiences are all part of the Aneros journey and one things for sure, it will never be a dull ride if you give it a chance.

    Keep with it and remember this whole journey is about exploration, sometimes you have good session and sometimes bad but quite often you can learn from each session.

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134

    Were you falling asleep.? Sounds like your mind entered a passive state of consciouness. This is typical of hypnosis, some types of meditation and yes, some moments just prior to sleep itself. In this state the "reasoning" mind is put into the background and one becomes more inwardly focused....consequently mind and body are ultimately more receptive. This state may be fertile ground for Super O exploration in that it may allow your body to respond naturally to stimuli without your mind discriminating against them. Several users who have slept with the unit or employed the "do nothing method" have found this to be case.

    It difficult to say with any certainty what you experienced,..replicating it may tell the tale. If it was pleasant...I say, see if you can return to this place again and see where it takes you! Don't be surprised if you experience some difficulty getting there once more. Just remember that you can't MAKE yourself become passive, rather it is something that you allow to happen or faciliate.

    BF Mayfield
  • KariKari
    Posts: 3
    I was definitely not falling asleep, just close to it. And it was a very pleasant feelinig. I think, too, that it can be classified as some kind of a hypnotic state. Nice to hear that other people have similar experiences, and that it may even be beneficial for my aneros project. If I understood right, there is nothing wrong with actually falling asleep, either? It's not something to avoid at all cost?
    Last night, by the way, when I was sleeping (without the aneros, and with no session last night), I remember waking up slightly (half conscious) and having these feelings somewhere in lower body, like the bed would have been vibrating. I was too sleepy to go very consciously into it, but still remember it vaguely as something that wasn't dreaming. Or if it was, it was a very physical dream.

  • Perhaps what you were experiencing was a state of extreme relaxation.