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Something Different & Positive. Need advise please
  • As many of you are aware I have been trying for sometime to reach the promised land without success. Well this last I have felt some changes and now need advise.
    As Darwin suggested I should try the Key Sound. Well I have without success. I should rephrase that, without any noticable success until the other day. I constantly have tingling between my Scrotum and Anus, occasionally this will include a involuntary contraction. Now this is good,but I can't get it too stop. Having said that I'm not sure whether I want it to stop.
    Well anyway the other night I used my Helix. Now before I have needed to watch some porn to get into the mood. Well that night I decided just to lay on my side and concentrate on the feelings encouraged by the Helix.
    Now the trouble was it was at night and guess what I fell asleep. Throughout the next hour or so I keep waking up with a large amount of involuntaries caused by the Helix. In the end I stopped with a smile on my face and went to sleep.
    Now last night I tried again with the Helix and this time was awake. Concentrated on the feelings and it suddenly started to hit me. Tingling between the Scrotum and Anus. I could feel my Prostate swelling and hitting the Helix. All fantastic feelings. General leg shaking along with involuntaries through deep breathing. Now all this is great and actual feels like I've got someone.

    Now here is the question. I was able to keep all the above feelings generating for sometime but my body was telling me there is greater feelings. I could not achieve these. I got to a plateau but just stopped.
    How do you let go? I know it's difficult to answer and everybody has different ways to achieve this. I believe I can get to the same stage each time with the Helix now. I JUST NEED THE PUSH

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated
  • Well, you just sort of do it. If it feels good, let it feel good. There really is no easy way to explain it. I find that first thing in the morning is the best time, because that is when I am the most relaxed. I could either have mind blowing super O's, or fall back asleep. I am totally happy with either one, and that attitude tends to lead me to all the right places :P

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,356
    cag and virginsoldier-

    first, cag, you and i seem to be in sync on the idea that relaxation, rather than concentrating on contractions, is a ticket to O.

    second, vs, about KSMO. hey, whatever you do is great. but, i hope you're not giving up on KSMO too soon. it takes a little bit for it to grab you.

  • Darwin

    No I'm not giving up. It's a case of sorting out a system to do both.

    All the feelings I have is great. Don't understand how you manage to switch off. I lie there relaxed feeling all these wonderful sensations and I so want to let myself go.
    Without realising it I must be forcing it or trying too hard. I don't feel I am but I must be :o(
  • BusterBuster
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    (this post was edited 2006-10-08 11:26:35)

    Hi VS,

    It does sound like you are almost there. It doesnt help at all to hear that, I am sure. When you think about how far you have come so far, take stock in that and have fun with it. It was when I decided that what I had at that time was great, that things really did start to happen. I just started to relax with it and stopped trying so hard. It was like I let myself off the hook. The rest will come, guaranteed. I know that because as long as you stick with it, everything that you are saying indicates that what you are doing is right. Keep going and keep us informed.


    One other thing, what are you going to change your name to once you are no longer a Virginsoldier?
  • charliecharlie
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    [quote:migrated]Originally Posted By: darwin
    cag and virginsoldier-

    [first, cag, you and i seem to be in sync on the idea that relaxation, rather than concentrating on contractions, is a ticket to O.]

    I agree 100% The next time you reach the plateau you described, make a conscious effort to relax all your muscles, including the sphincter, and see what happens. The old fishing analogy posted on the forum may be helpful: When you feel the fish nibbling, wait until it swallows the bait before reeling in the line. Good luck,
  • EnemagraEnemagra
    Posts: 104

    Originally Posted By: darwin and i seem to be in sync on the idea that relaxation, rather than concentrating on contractions, is a ticket to O...

    i will third this!