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It happens to everybody...I think
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hey Everybody,

    The forum is full of communication from those seeking the Super O from those who have achieved it. I thought that you might be interested in knowing that even the most experienced user have crummy sessions. Last night is the prime example. After just a few minutes with my MGX, I was able to get to the first plateau of the Super O (not huge) and maintain it for a minute or two. That was it! There was nothing else there, I fell flat. It is just an illustration that even after you think you have it mastered, you can feel like you have no control at all.

    There are many, many factors in play here. You just have to get it all worked out, and even then, there are no guarantees. I write this not to discourage but to illustrate that we are all working through different things that keep us from that carrot we call the Super O. What a process!

    Good luck guys and I wish everyone a successful weekend.


  • nood1963nood1963
    Posts: 113

    Hi Buster,

    Well said........! Peace, Nood
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Amen Brothers!

    I too freely admit to not having O's "on-demand"...

    Mine are more like O's on request...sometimes???

    Actually, the term "on-demand" is probably not a good mind-set to have when you're trying to allow an orgasm to freely transpire??? (I try to have a Body - Mind - Spirit attitude actually!)

    I am enjoying this journey more than anything I can imagine! (the sky's the limit!)

    Good to see you Nood and Buster!

    Live Long and Prosper...


  • Indeed. I would like to call them up on demand. Alas, this is just not how it works.