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Weird Feeling
  • I been using the SGX for about 2 months without much luck. I mean there some good feelings, but no big O yet. However, not long ago during a session, I had a strange feeling. I felt like I was floating, it wasn't an orgasmic feeling, but it was very relaxing. I literally felt like I was slipping into another level of consciousness. It' kinda scared me so I kinda snapped myself out of it. Has anyone had similar experience?
  • charliecharlie
    Posts: 124
    Hello Saturn,
    You were on to something there and your reaction was normal. The new sensations you will feel are different and exciting, yet somethimes weird or scary at the same time. Next time you experience a new sensation, take a deep breath and try to ride it out. If you can, chances are you will be rewarded. Take care,
  • I have had a MGX for a week and a half so far I have had some differnt feelings. But the part that hits the sweet spot between my testacles and anus very unconfortable,It has alot of pressure there is that normal. It gets hard to relax with all of the pressure. Please give advice.