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Electrical Buzzing?
  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250
    Getting longer buzzing sessions before, during, and after sleep without the Aneros. Last night just after falling asleep again, I woke up to what I would describe as electrical pulsing or buzzing throughout the whole body. Recognized it and went with it until it dissipated. Fell asleep again then woke up at what I thought was a normal wake up time of 7am but it was actually 2:30 am with a whole series of long body pulsing/buzzing. Stayed with them and rode them for an extended time period.

    Now that I have had them for a couple of weeks (six weeks into Aneros use), I definitely would not label them a P-Wave or Mini-O. They are not what I would call pleasurable or even sexual..........just different.

    In reading the KSMO forum posts, they would label these "echos". On this forum, I think they might be called "rewiring". They are not uncomfortable and I believe they are GOOD to have and increasing in frequency. Again, no Aneros is involved.

    My questions are .. Has anyone had or have anything similar? Am I on my own here? I have not found anything similar on the Aneros forum but did find similarities on the KSMO forum. Second question is ... Would you agree this is good and leading at some point to higher levels? Any recommendations?

    With the Aneros, I get very low level movement.....pleasurable but low level. No "buzzing" with the Aneros as I described above. It seems odd to have two separate sets of with the Aneros and one without. Although, this is all interesting to me and am not frustrated.

    Thanks for any feedback.

  • charliecharlie
    Posts: 124
    Yes, I experienced what you did did about a month in on my journey. Mine was a bit uncomfortable, so count yourself lucky. Rest assured that good things are happening to your body and that the "rewiring" will be over shortly. Read some of Brian Mayfield's posts about rewiring. He has several suggestions on how to cope with the process. Good luck,
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953

    I believe that I know exactly what you are referring to. With me it wasn’t as much buzzing as it was a dull ache or dull throbbing. It doesn’t hurt at all; it is just a presence down in my pelvic region. I too was concerned about it, but not enough to stop my practicing because it was not that major of an issue. Anyway, I liken it now to my body telling me that I am due for a session. That feeling would subside after every session. If I was doing harm to something, my logic is that it would flare up AFTER the session, not before.

    This whole experience is fascinating, isn’t it?

  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250
    Charlie & Buster,

    Many thanks for your responses. I tried to do a search for Mayfield's rewiring posts but was not yet successful. Forum doesn't support a "Mayfield AND rewiring" search. Searched for "rewiring" and got a limited number of posts (FleshJoe is quite active with the "rewiring" responses) but no obvious Mayfield posts on the subject. Sooooooooo, I will keep looking. Probably good for me to re-read many of the posts I read a month ago anyway since they will have more meaning to me now I think.

    This is funny. Feels like electricity running up and down my body.

    And, yes, I am enjoying the trip. Thanks again.