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new user questions
  • I started using the MGX about 3 months ago, and the Helix about one month ago. I find that after about 15 minutes, I feel a gentle and subtle pulsing. It is pleasurable, but it does not grow and after about 40 minutes, it subsides and I don't feel much of anything. Sometimes inducing contractions can revive the pulsing for a short time, but it seems that each session ends the same way. Any ideas for getting to a higher level?

    Also, when I use the aneros when having sex with my wife I find it hard to pay attention to her and also keep the breathing/contractions going for the aneros. Any suggestions?
  • TripperTripper
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    In a number of posts and with my own experience, I found the position to be so key.....and different for each person. On my back and just moving my legs slightly or in a certain direction would get things moving. On my stomach with one Aneros type seemed to be the key in another instance.

    I saw one post that recommended that if no activity resulted in ten minutes, then shift position.

    Finding your specific position is key. Once you find it then you can fine tune it each session.

    There are fifty other variables but this one seems to be key. Good luck in your search.

  • charliecharlie
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    Hello rogerfed,
    I agree with Tripper here. It sounds as if you need to try a few different positions and see if anything feels different. It is funny how every guy is different. You will find that even placing a pillow under your rear end and hips will change the angle of stimulation. Keep an open mind. Don't become frustrated. Keep up the rythmic breathing too. Good luck,
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    (this post was edited 2006-09-27 10:21:21)


    Regarding positions, here are some to consider. Squatting, kneeling (with your torso on a bed...knees on the floor), side-lying with one leg pulled up near your chest, or both legs pulled up (fetal), on all fours with arched back, even standing. Different body positions can change the orientation of the massager inside the rectum. And yes, at one time I had suggested that each of these be worked with for at least 10 minutes or so before moving on to another. The reason is that it takes some time, using different contractions and different intensities of contraction to evaluate them fully.

    With respect to using the Aneros with your wife. I've often told users that it is helpful to decide what kind of a session you're going to have prior to bringing the Aneros into a couples setting.

    If you're using the Aneros in a more traditional manner, where there will be penile contact; fondling, oral, intercourse... leading to an enhanced ejaculation, then put your breathing techniques on the back burner. Just enjoy the massaging action of the Aneros on your prostate as you... have at it. In this context it's fun to just wait and see what involuntary contractions come your way from the variety of activites. Likewise you can use voluntary contractions as well. All this makes for a wonderful adventure and more than likely a voluminous ejaculation.

    If the goal is Super O exploration, I normally recommend that users get some solo time under their belts beforehand. Why? Because it is important to familiarize yourself with the techniques used to generate a Super O. Doing so will really "fine" tune you for the couples experience. It is not necessary to have produced a Super O alone before exploring this with a partner though.

    As these techniques.. focus, breathing and contraction come into play, it is necessary that your wife/partner go onto the back burner. (Not literally of, As I've outlined in other threads before, it is essential if you are going to engage in Super O exploration with partner that they take on a more detached role. Such sessions must be completely devoted to YOUR needs. It is critical that YOU NOT be concerned in servicing your wife during this time. Where your wife's part comes in is in ramping up your level of arousal. This she may do by any means that DOES NOT INVOLVE PENILE CONTACT. Stroking your body, kissing, ear and nipple stimulation, verbal encouragement (talkin' dirty) and visual stimulation (have her masturbate in front of you) are some examples. It's okay to touch her as well, so long as she doesn't become the focus. The key to this is that your wife should NOT become a distraction, rather an element to increase sexual tension and in a way that allows you to retain the focus on YOURSELF. Use all of your senses....sight, sound, touch, and smell ( I love the smell of a woman....if you do too, don't forget this).

    All of this can be a bit of a challenge for some people. First it requires a partner who cares enough about your needs and desires that she is willing to forego gratification for a period of time. Secondly, there needs to a lot of openness in the relationship that allows for this. If you're lucky enough to have relationship that does, then some discussion before such sessions is a must.

    Set aside a certain amount of time for this....a period of time that you BOTH can work within the spirit that I've outlined here. Furthermore, there should also be time set aside for traditional sexual activities....believe me, you'll both want/need it!

    If you want to feel connected (while not servicing her directly) try this. Have your wife masturbate closely in front of you. Insert a finger in her vagina or (preferably) her anus. Once inside, leave it there....from this point on, your finger will become nothing more than a conduit for sexual energy. Have your wife masturbate herself to an orgasm by massaging her clitoris. While she does this become aware of every little twitch and spasm that occurs. (This is why the anus is a better choice, if she is amenable, because it tends to produce more involuntary contractions in response to sexual stimulation than does the vagina, and many women are less inclined to start "pumping" your finger (which might pull you into masturbating her...again, you must avoid any active role). As this is all going on, you are to focus on YOU....your breathing, your own contractions. You might even consider answering any contractions that you feel with your finger by a contraction of your own.

    I used this technique for one my first Super O's with a partner. She contracted many times on the lead up to her own orgasm. Some small, some larger....I almost thought of myself being connected like a remote access to a computer server . Everything I felt from her,... I mirrored in my body. It came to a point where there was no seemed like we were contracting almost simultaneously...involuntarily! When she finally came...I felt a salvo of intense contractions by way of my finger that catapulted me into a tremendous Super O. It was as connected as I've ever felt with another human being.....and my penis wasn't even inside her! It was intimate, emotional, electric.....totally amazing! Like so much about this phenomenon, this isn't something that you can "make" happen. You just have be willing to step out a bit, try some new things and be open to anything that flows from it.

    Hope this helps!

    BF Mayfield
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    Thanks to all of you for your replies. I did try a few new positions last night. The one that seems best is sitting upright on a pillow, with my legs slightly in front in a crossed position. This seems to drive the stimulator in deeper, and the tab digs in more as well. I also found that rocking gently back and forth adds to the feeling. Has anyone else had any success with this position?