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FYI on purchase of KSMO
  • VirgVirg
    Posts: 154
    The KSMO is $20 on Amazon versus $30 off their website -

    The 33% savings should translate into more sales for Mr. Johnston...
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,302

    when you buy it direct from, in addition to the audio seminar, you get access to
    - the KSMO forum
    - weekly live chat coaching sessions with Jack

    i suspect you don't get that when you buy through amazon. as you know from the aneros, that kind of support is really helpful and possibly essential. you might want to drop a mail to [email][/email] to find out.

  • VirgVirg
    Posts: 154

    Thanks, and it is a good thought, which I did not consider at the time.

    I had tried to order it off their website but all I got was "System error" when I tried to complete the transaction...which made me a bit nervous.

    Usually, the one thing that websites all do very well, that are selling something, is take your money! If it stumbles at taking my $$$, will it get shipped? Screw up the address?


    I went to Amazon and there it was, and cheaper!

    I have emailed Jack Johnston with the concerns you raised. I will let you know the conclusion...

    I should have considered the forun and such but was frustrated that their website was not working.

    Oh, well...
  • Darwin is correct.

    With me having used the Aneros for 10 months with mild success Darwin suggested I try KSMO. I too was sceptical and although I am only just beginning with the Key Sound the forum is essential.

  • VirgVirg
    Posts: 154
    This what I sent to Jack Johnston:

    "I was able to place an order with Amazon. I did not think of it at the time because it appeared to be the best option since I could not get it via your I have access to your forum and/or coaching even though I purchased from Amazon? Let me know. Thanks for the help."

    This is what his reply was:

    "Most definitely you are welcome with full access!" Then, he listed the details for accessing whenever I want to get started, once the CD arrives.

    Pretty great of him and speaks well of his organization.

    So, whether from the website or Amazon, access to the forum and coaching is available.

    I am looking forward to giving KSMO a try!