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Wow – now that's a step forward
  • Oh my god, what a night :-) I've had a very long session, or rather a number of sessions following each other all through the night – and I think I've had my first Super O or something very close to it!

    What I've read here about the euphoria afterwards is absolutely true – I just can't wipe that big grin of my face. I had a friend over earlier today and it was hard work to keep a straight face... if only did she know *g*

    I started Saturday night at about 22:00h. After I read the discussion about using a condom with the Aneros I decided to try that with my Helix. Filled a condom with about 3cc of thin lube, pulled it over the Helix and used two cable ties to fix it (the type that you pull tight and cut off the rest) – one at the thinnest point of the Helix and one halfway up the p-tab. Cutted off the rest of the rubber.

    Inserting it properly wasn't easy, since the sphincter pushed most of the lube down toward the tab where it formed a kind of hydraulic cussion, catched between the sphincter and the cable tie. Figured this would hinder the movement of the Aneros. After a while I managed to push the lube inside and started to relax. My first impressions were quite good, though I probably made the error of pulling the condom too far down on the Helix so it wouldn't have a lot of leeway when pulled inside by anal contraction. Looking back I'd like to try it with a textured condom, e.g. with perls on it.

    I spent about two or three hours in front of the computer, laid back in my office chair, feet up on the computer casing, surfing for porn and watching videos. I've cut the handle of my Helix, so sitting isn't a problem. There were some nice feelings, erections coming and going, minimal precum, but nothing worldshaking. Perhaps I should explain that it's quite easy for me to get involuntaries of the PC muscle with or without Aneros inserted – but they're not really arousing me.

    So I decided to first take a shower and then move over to the bedroom to try it lying down. Left the Helix inserted, took a long, hot shower and laid down. Relaxed again, tried several positions, but didn't get far beyond some twitching. About another hour later I decided to try my Maximus in combination with electrostimulation. And that's when things really started to get going :)

    I probably should explain how for me e-stim and Aneros go along with each other. I know about two approaches: One is to use the electricity (at rather high power) to artificially create contractions that can lead to hands-free orgasms with ejaculation (for me) or even super O's for others (as has been discussed in the thread „Super-O that's FORCED“). The feelings involved are best described as throbbing (no pain involved).
    The other approach is much more subtle: use lower power with higher frequencies to create tingling feelings that slowly create arousal, even for a verly long time if you want to. The trick is to turn up the juice far enough to get a fair response, but not so far that the muscles contract by themselves. What I like about it in combination with the Aneros is that it easily gives you a feeling to focus on, something to nurse and feed. The feeling can be very similar to what you get when the Aneros works your prostate – and from there on it seems to be way easier to make progress. That's the approach I'm following at the moment.

    Well, back to last night: I laid on my back, legs stretched out slightly apart and feet turned outward (the feet really seemed to make a difference – no idea why!) and slowly turned up the juice. For a moment I didn't know what to to with my hands and then had to think about body language. You know, how to read your dialog partner and so on. So I sprawled my arms above my head in an open position, kind of saying: Ok, whatever's coming my way, it's welcome and I'm open to it.

    I relaxed as well as I could, and soon the tingling changed to slight plucking and little jolts. That's about where I lost track of time. Later on I got up at least once to empty my bladder, which seems to be an important factor. If you felt something nice at the beginning of you session and later can't follow up on that, it might be worth a try, even if you don't feel the need to go.
    After a while the tingling started to spread all over my body. Has you partner ever given you a long, slow blowjob that left you hyperventilating and gulping for air, your ears buzzing and your arms or even your whole body prickling and slightly numb? That's how it started to feel.

    I'm flabbergasted at the strange ways in which the mind can influence this emotional/sensual development. There were two instances when I pictured the source of these wonderful feelings as a spark or a glowing spot and imagined „pushing“ it from the perineum towards the anus, to which my rectal muscles promptly reacted with a big contraction. Sounds freaky, I know. I've never been interested in ideas like „aura“, „chakra“, "body energy" whatever... but this is intriguing.

    I could see in the way my mostly flaccid penis moved that all kind of muscles below and behind it worked overtime, sometimes even moving the penis sideways instead of only in/out or up/down. My body started to tense up. Not in a way that made me curl up, or not initially. It rather was so that my skin seemed to tighten up, then even my face muscles pulled together. Everything happend very gentle, no sudden reactions. Carefully I rolled over to my side and pushed myself down the bed until I could see my face in the mirror across from the bed. My mouth formed a small „O“ without my doing, eyes just slits, even my eyelilds started to flutter. Never knew there are muscles behind the ear – but something definitely contracted there, too...

    All the time I hardly did any manual contractions or pushes. Didn't have an erection, either.

    It was so incredible! No idea how long I kept that plateau, I'd guess at least 15 minutes. There weren't waves of a sort as they often are described here – rather a slow ascend and then a very stable niveau. At some point I made the error of starting to describe and analyze my feelings instead of riding with them (or beeing ridden by them ;-) , making me an observer instead of a partaker. To be honest, I also already thought how to describe it to you lot. So I lost momentum and the feelings slowly subsided.

    Shortly thereafter I must have fallen asleep. I woke up at 7:00h, curled up and still glowing. After some time to orient myself I realized that the power still was turned on. A very slight manual contraction was enough to let the Maximus jolt into me – what a way to start a day :) But after that I couldn't really arouse myself anymore, probably was too exhausted.

    Until now I couldn't quite grasp the idea that letting the Aneros play with you (or the other way round) actually leads to physiological changes and that it changes the way one interacts with his body. Now I'm convinced.

    Many, many thanks to all you guys here at the forum! Though I didn't ask you directly, reading your descriptions of what to expect, to try and what to „listen“ for when trying has been a huge source of help and inspiration - and lots of envy, of course ;-)

    Oh boy, I'd so like to try it again right now. But I guess a break would be good. And then there's that thing about getting any sleep... I'm whishing you all a great start into the new week :)
  • TripperTripper
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    Congratulations on your experiences! Sounds familiar to me in many ways. I sometimes use the Slightest Touch ES (do a forum search for some excellent threads) at very low sub threshold levels to "pre-heat" the oven prior to Aneros insertion. And, I get similar results. And, even slight variations in leg or foot angles also influence my experiences as well.

    Careful now...Don't electrocute yourself!


    Edit p.s. By the way, can you mention where you put your two ES tabs?
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    Couldnt find the thread you mention about e-stim and aneros. I'd very much like to learn how you wire the aneros for e-stim.

  • BusterBuster
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    Dear wiredelectrican,

    Congratulations on your breakthrough. I laughed when I read that you made a mistake by becoming an observer in the event and losing a bit of ground. I remember more than a few times thinking "how am I going to put this experience into words to let the forum know about it". It is a good sign. Keep up the good work and keep us posted on your progress.

  • TripperTripper
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    Flesh Joe,

    Not sure there is a TENS thread but the sub threshold approach is reviewed under a forum search for either "Slightest Touch" or under "I SING THE BODY ELECTRIC"



    Edit: Or, "Super-O that's FORCED" is the TENS thread that Wired talked about.
  • Hey All!

    I also, would be interested in how you used your Anerose and e-stim unit together (electrode type and placement, etc....please)??? Very interesting for anyone into Super Os or just plain Os!

    (also I have an ET 312B in my toy chest gathering dust...)

    Please expound on your Anerose/E-stim adventure!

  • VirgVirg
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    Wired, a minor question...

    Did you do the "condom raincoat" to the Maximus also?

    Good approach to attaching the condom to the Helix...nylon of an electrician's best friends!

    Glad to hear you "crossed over"!
  • I searched for "Super-O that's FORCED" and found only this thread.
  • (this post was edited 2006-09-25 11:58:46)

    Hi All and Thank you :-)

    I'll try to answer all the comments or questions...


    Careful now...Don't electrocute yourself!

    I'm playing safe :) No high voltage equipment (nothing connected to mains current) and never electrodes above the waist. That rule stands.

    Edit p.s. By the way, can you mention where you put your two ES tabs?

    I'm not using ES tabs / TENS pads. I'll explain in detail.


    I remember more than a few times thinking "how am I going to put this experience into words to let the forum know about it".

    Nice to hear I'm not the only one. And encouraging to hear it from somebody who's meanwhile become so successful with his Aneros :)

    I'm always whishing I had a shiny box like hlaser99s ET312, but the price just scares me off. I guess it's worth every dollar in the end – but it's absolute luxury-class. I'm using a wave generating program on my laptop (which I have nearby anyway when using the Aneros for videos and pictures), a battery powered amplifier and electrodes that I've built myself. That's called stereostimming, right?

    WARNING: If you choose your computer as sound source, then make sure that all system sounds are disabled! It's not what they originally meant by „man-machine interface“ when you bodily experience the popup and „Ding“ with which your computer tries to tells you that its batteries are low *lol*
    It wouldn't hurt you, but will make you jump because it's so unexpected. Imagine that would happen just as you were about to come... ;)
    And just to be on the safe side: Think through what you're doing before you do it.

    For the wiring use cords and not cables (I hope I get the translations right). What I mean ist: A wire made of one solid string of copper is bound to break after some time, and that would mean a long search for the error. Or worse, it will give you a loose connection that will make you jump every time it fully connects. Cords of lots of smaller „copper fibers“ won't do that.

    Ok, the electrodes: You'd want to hit the prostate and the sweet spot, so it's one electrode each. The prostate electrode is the easiest, and I think I'm done experimenting with different forms there. Adhesive aluminium tape is the easiest way to create a smooth, conductive area right where it should be. Usually I use some scotch tape to preplace the wire right on the center line and then place a strip of alu tape over it. Use a spoon to smooth out crinkles in the surface, if any. Fasten the wire with a cable tie somewhere on the handle or tab (With Helix, the thinnest part of the "stick" is the ideal place). The alu tape only will stick really good if there aren't any rests of grease (i.e. vaseline) or other lubrication on the stick, so wipe the Aneros with a bit of lighter benzine or alcohol before fixing the tape.

    This electrode is fast to make, so for those with ES/TENS pads it could be worth a try to combine it with one of their pads. And it's just as fast to dismantle if it's not your thing.

    The perineum electrode seems to be way more complicated, I haven't yet found something absolutely convincing. Basic rules I found are: Never put metal electrodes on the outside of your body in direct skin contact, even if you lubricate them (with KY or other stuff). The lubrication will wear down and you'll get skin irritation or, worse, burns. Instead cover them with cloth and soak it with saltwater. Never make electrodes too small, I for one don't go below a circle of 15mm.

    For example, I've tried soldering a wire to a small coin and fixed that with hot glue right at the tip of the p-tab. At the time I thought the loss of pressure to the perineum didn't matter, but I think different now.
    In the session I described above I used a variation of my centering aid (see recent thread) made of foam. Pulled a wire through the foam, covered that with alu tape (not the tip of the tab, just the foam around it) and pulled cloth over it. Works fine, but doesn't last more than one session.
    I'm up to something new now which I'll try in tonights session: a curved metal plate with the p-tab sticked through. I'll post on that...

    What are other possible electrodes or electrode placements? Since there seems to be a bigger number of people interested in this, I hope we could start an exchange of „blueprints“, sort of :-)


    Did you do the "condom raincoat" to the Maximus also?

    Not yet. Since it's rigged for e-stim at the moment, it wouldn't do me any good, would it? :)

    nylon of an electrician's best friends

    As is hot glue. You wouldn't happen to know whether its inventor finally got the Nobel prize he/she deserves? ;-)


    ...found only this thread

    I suspect the forum search doesn't cover the thread titles. I found the „FORCED“ thread with the keyword „e-stim“. Some threads I found (with other keywords too, i.e. „electric“) are: – That's the FORCED thread – Good links!

    I thought a picture might help:
  • TripperTripper
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    Your description and photo look so well engineered that I am assuming you must be German! Very professional job. You turned the Z3 BMW into an M Roadster.

    One quick question before I duplicate this in the next week..... When you say you held down the wire on the head of the Aneros with scotch tape then you put the conductive tape on it, did you just put scotch tape in spots to hold it in place? Or, did you scotch tape the entire wire on the Aneros? I think scotch tape is an insulator so I am wondering if that was on purpose. In your description you talk about not wanting direct wire that part of your reasoning? Using the scotch tape to get a capacitive effect? Could you clarify that please before I put my engineering hat and surgical gloves on?

    I will use the Slightest Touch as the signal generator pending receipt of your German schematics!

    Very nicely done. I think a number of folks will be following this


    Edit Post: Also, the photo looks like a Maximus but the first 90% of your post talks about a Helix. Could you clarify this also. Was your E-Stim experience with the Maximus?
  • darwindarwin
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    call me a prude, but i for one wouldn't dream of putting some home-made electrical device inside my body, or any electical device for that matter.

    the potential (no pun intended) down-side loss vastly overwhelms the upside gain
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    Very very instructive! Thanks for the pic especially.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    Whoops sorry wrong thread...!
  • Before I answer the technical questions and darwin's objection I'd like to express some thoughts about the Aneros/e-stim combination I've had lately:

    I don't consider myself an experienced Aneros user. I've had good feelings, learned a lot about my body... but it's nothing that I'm really firm with, you understand? All the more I worry that I might send somebody in a direction that could rather hinder his progress with the Aneros than help him along.

    For me, e-stim was a way to reawake my interest in the Aneros at a moment when I was frustrated and about to stow it away for quite some time. Instead I ended up ordering the next model. Of course I'm aware that it's not the „classic approach“, and as I'm starting to experience the „rewiring“ of the body taking place, I begin to suspect that even if I make further progress, perhaps (hopefully) having the Super O regularly, in the end there will be RE-rewiring“ needed if I want to achieve the goal without the help of extra stimulation (other than from my mind). And I dread this could be filled with lots of frustrating moments, just as well as the „classic approach“ can have. (Well, I'd always have the combination to fall back to, if needed – but still...)

    Tripper, reading through all your posts I noticed three things: You've only got your first Aneros about two months ago, you've made a lot (!) of progress and you seem to be among the lucky few who's body very receptive to it right from the start (waves while using it, waking up to waves...). Perhaps it's too early to start with experiments that change the way your Aneros would interact with your body? Using the stick as electrode (What's the proper name of the part that's inserted, anyway? We've got the p-tab aka a-tab, then the handle – and then what?) would be such a change, of that I'm sure. For example, a contraction can lead to better contact, creating stronger feelings.

    Are you already using the ST all through your sessions? At a tangible level, or sub-threshold? At the moment my idea of how to keep to the „classic approach“ would be to use the ST to „preheat the oven“, as you've put it – and then switch it off completely and use the Aneros. As a strict separation, so to say.

    I'll be the last to say „That's not how it's supposed to be done!“ (Obviously.) But as tempting as it is to recieve pleasure at the flip of a switch (literally), perhaps you would be rushing it a little.
    Hey, why not build a fantasy out of it first and wait a little? Before I started to use it for real I imagined what it would be like if my then-girlfriend was lying next to me, twiddling the dials, each twist up the scale making the Aneros dance inside me and pressing my pelvis into the mattress... What a turn-on that was :-P

    Speaking of fantasies, has there ever been something like a „favourite fantasy“ thread? Could be quite, hmm..., interesting :-) (perhaps under a minimal set of rules: no hurting, no degrading treatment etc). Could be that Support has something to say on that?

  • Originally Posted By: darwin
    call me a prude, but i for one wouldn't dream of putting some home-made electrical device inside my body, or any electical device for that matter.

    the potential (no pun intended) down-side loss vastly overwhelms the upside gain

    Wouldn't dream of calling you (or anybody else at this forum prude). Actually, I understand your scepticism.

    I've been e-stimming since I was a teen, the idea probably goes back into childhood when I learned that you can use the tip of your tongue to check whether a 9V-block battery still has power and that it feels kind of nice if the power's low and so there's only that slight prickling.

    It's been very long before I dared to use an electrode internally. The basic idea is this: If you basically are ok with energizing your body, then with common sense AND that extra amount of precaution it doesn't matter whether you apply it internal or external.

    Reasons for the extra caution are: Internal organs are mostly void of nerves that signal pain, so you have to think ahead and always err on the safe side. Since skin inside of your body isn't used to being in contact with hard stuff, it's more tender. And finally, and that's vaild interal and external: If you use high power settings, your nerves are going to be numbed. That's only localized and temporary (I'm sure of that!), but you have to be aware that this can lead to overdoing it.

    Originally Posted By: Tripper
    Your description and photo look so well engineered that I am assuming you must be German! Very professional job.

    *LOL* Well, Thanks, I guess - glad I was able to sustain that stereotype ;-) Currently I'm working hard to prove the other one, that we don't have humor. Not sure though how that's coming along.

    The photo shows my Maximus, and that's the one I had my big experience with. To give you something for size comparison: The grid on the paper is 5mm*5mm. My mentioning of the Helix earlier in the posts was about using it with a condom or how you could fix the cables to the Helix if you chose to use one. I forgot to mention the black tape you can see: that's called "isolation tape" around here. It's rather elastic, so if you wrap it aroudn the Aneros under a lot of tension, it will make a perfect fit. I used it to cover the edge where the cord goes under the alu tape. Best test the smoothness of the edges on tender skin, like on your cheek.

    About the Scotch tape: Didn't word that properly. I remove the Scotch tape piece by piece while applying the alu tape from the tip downwards. My reason for using the Scotch is to keep the cord in place as long as it's not held by the alu tape. It's not about reducing contact between cable and foil. In the very opposite, you want that contact to be as good as possible. The indirect contact I wrote about is supposed to be used at the external electrode (only if you dont use proper pads).

    I've been reading up a bit myself and I'd say that in the described setup and with a low power device like the Slightest Touch, there's no need to worry about side effects.
    But if you or anybody else plan to use this regularly, you should read up on electrolysis worries (that is: metal ions being carried into your body with the current). is a great source for that and other e-stim related topics, though statements partly contradict each other. And I should tell you that you won't be able to surf the forum without stumbling over explicit pictures of mostly male organs and lots of compliments the users give each other over it. Strictly heterosexual users perhaps might be offended, girls and gay guys will be delighted.

    I won't be posting for a few days, it just takes too much time and I need to catch up. Still, I'd love to hear how you decide and how you proceed. Have a great time, take care :)
  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250

    Thanks for taking the time to articulate your excellent thoughts in the recent posts. I will take your advice and hold the EStim approach in abeyance in the form of a fantasy. It is a possible item in the tool chest for use at the right time.

    To answer your question, I use the ST about every third session. For me, though, there must be some kind of rewiring taking place since there are more effects without either ST or Aneros. I seem to be buzzing all the time. My goal or fantasy with this is to be on a boring six hour flight and have MMO activity taking place. Smiling in seat 32A so to speak. Wouldn't that be something? I did pull down the KSMO Jack Johnston MP3 material online and will use that to suplement the thought process. It looks very similar in the rewiring objectives.

    Take care. Keep all the voltages below 220v or it will curl your hair.