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New (?) idea for centering aid
  • I've been frustrated with the perineum tab slipping sideways. I got the impression that the effect even increased as my muscles down there strengthend. The sphincter works rotary, right? So I started to read all the old threads about centering the perineum tab. I've tried the forum search, but still I'm not 100% sure that this is new - please tell me if not.

    As far as I have read there are two methods, the "outrigger" and the "floatie". The outrigger I don't like because it gives me the feeling of a foreign object between my legs. Without it I hardly feel the p-tab but only the pressure it produces.
    The floatie sounded great, but the reduction in pressure wasn't so good. As far as I've understood the old thread (, you're not supposed to cut completely through the D-shaped piece of the floatie because you'd otherwise break the smooth coating that makes it so easy to clean and thereby reusable. But if you'd cut all the way through and pushed the p-tab through so that its top would stand out, then you'd have all the pressure (or very nearly so) and it would be centered. But at its price I wouldn't want to throw away the thing after using it only a few times (or once if you're strict with hygiene).

    So the idea was to find something that's soft, easy to make and cheap enough to throw away after using once. At the hardware store I found those foam tubes that are used to insulate heating pipes. They come at different inner and outer diameters and are very cheap - I've paid less than 2€ for a piece of 1m. At the moment I've got a tube that's got an inner diameter of 28mm and an outer diameter of 65mm (that should be about 1.1" and 2.5", right? 1" equals 25.4mm). The resulting foam layer of 18mm is ok for the big tab of the maximus but too thick for the Helix (and for the other smaller models, I guess).

    That's how you do it: Wrap a strong adhesive tape once around one end of the tube. Cut off a slice of about 25mm (1"). Use radial cuts to part the ring you've got into pieces of about 20mm (1/8") to 35mm (1.3") at the outer circumference. I guess the optimal size for you depends on your body and your preferred position. And your Aneros model.

    The big plus of those foam pieces is that its inward curve should be a perfect fit for the curved perineum. As long as you get the tab through radially and in the middle of it, you hit exactly the "center line" of the perineum. So make a cut all the way through the foam and stick the p-tab through. I've let the circular end of my Helix' tab look halfway out, but that depends on how much pressure you want. For the Maximus it's best to cut out a little bit of foam, otherwise it might tear or deform too much.

    Angle the contact surface of the foam piece toward the part of the Aneros that's inserted (with the Maximus I've brought it in line with the little ball at the end of the curled tab). Fix it with small drops of hot glue. The foam melts if directly in contact with the hot glue, that's why you need the tape on the underside as insulation.

    I really hope somebody is interested enough to try it out. It helped me on with the Aneros and I'd love to get your feedback on how it works for you as well as input on possibilities to improve.

    Have a nice weekend :-)