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Advice and experience
  • eroseros
    Posts: 5
    I've been using the aneros for about a year now and it has been a very interesting "journey" as has been stated before here. I have gone through many phases and have learned a lot about my body and its reactions to prostate stimulation and my body has gotten more and more in the groove.

    Let me say that one thing I've learned is what not to expect. When I started, I naturally expected a normal penile orgasm to occur...or at least something similar to it. I have found that, for me, no matter how stimulated I am or however good it feels, I will not ejaculate in the normal sense of the word. It feels as if I am, and I have learned to appreciate the subtle muscular contractions that mimic ejaculation, but I don't think it will ever be so strong as to actually cause a normal ejaculation. The best I get is a small flow of clear liquid.So, I just have to forget about that as a goal.

    I have found the feelings to be intensely moving in a number of different senses...physically, emotional and spiritual. So, that is a great reward in itself. I can always ejaculate manually if that is needed. So, what I have found and learned is that the aneros provides a separate sexual experience that is in addition to all I knew about sex and my body before I started using it. It has been a real awakening!

    One bit of advice...find your sweet spot! It sounds obvious, and I'm sure it must be different for every man, but I have gone for almost 10 months thinking I had it, but I was wrong. I just recently experimented with the tab closer to the anus than I had ever tried before, and it made a big difference in the feelings. Before, when the tab was closer to the scrotum, it felt good, but seemed to cut off the feelings and contractions that feel like ejaculation. Now, with it closer to the anus, it seems to allow more feeling and movement within that area. Also, I get anal orgasms much more easily with the tab almost in my anus. I have come to appreciate and enjoy anal orgasms as much as penile or prostate orgasms...what a strong, emotional experience they are!

    Another trick you should try is to use a small rubber band that is about 3 inches long....loop it over your penis, pass it between your legs and loop it over the aneros curly handle. This causes the rubber band to pull down on the aneros putting more pressure on the tab, and makes for some interesting strong feelings. I wouldn't do this all the time, but it is worth a try for a different feeling occasionally, and seems to wake up some nerves that otherwise don't get enough stimulation.

    Over this year, I have improved my stamina, I can get an erection and keep it much easier, it has helped my bowel function (an unexpected benefit), and my libido is MUCH stronger than before. I am 57 years old, so all these improvements are much appreciated.

    One other thing. I would recommend everyone buy at least two different models. I find that sometimes, one model just doesn't do it for me, but another one will be perfect. I have 3 models to play with...MGX, Helix and Eupho. They all are my favorite at any given time..honestly, they change in their abilty to get me off as my body goes through changes and moods. If I had to just get one, it would be the Eupho. I think this is not necessarily for the experienced user as advertised, but is the most gentle and consistent performer of the three I've tried. I may get a Maximus this Winter to add to the collection.

    I just wish I had discovered the Aneros when I was younger!

  • wow. love your details. maybe thats my problem. i just havent seemed to hit that sweet spot. please read my post from today called "what are these feelings?" can you give me input? thanks.
  • eroseros
    Posts: 5

    Originally Posted By: aaron14684
    wow. love your details. maybe thats my problem. i just havent seemed to hit that sweet spot. please read my post from today called "what are these feelings?" can you give me input? thanks.

    I think you're on the right track, since you are getting feelings and responses that indicate a new set of nerves are awakening. This kind of thing happens throughout the just never know what to expect, so enjoy each step.

    I used to follow the written instructions for relaxing, breathing, contracting , etc. etc. and I can't say they hurt, but can't say they got me to the point I expected, either. Maybe I am just getting more used to the drill now, but my body doesnt' need all that much prep before really strong good feelings begin. So, my experience is to not worry so much about all the how to's given , but to just follow whatever your body leads you to experience. The main trick is to relax and get your mind in the "right" place. ie. don't anticipate too much, concentrate on every little good feeling and try to expand it mentally, breath in time with the rhythm of the waves to "push" them higher, like Mayfield pushing a kid swinging at just the right time.

    Actually, I think this is a time/experience-dependent journey. I think it just takes x number of hours for your body to learn what it is supposed to do. I know things that I do now that work wonderfully, used to not work at all, or only minimally, so the only difference is a few months of regular sessions.

    People say the aneros is expensive, and it is for what it costs to make. But, when you consider the pleasure it is capable of giving over the course of years, it is really a major bargain. You only buy it once, and it never wears out! HOw many things can claim that? All this is predicated on if it works for you or not. I believe some folks, unfortunately, will never get it to work, either through anatomical or mental reasons. YOu can't approach this like "normal" masturbation at all. Be very quiet and slow and relaxed because the feelings, while wonderful, begin very quietly and you'll miss them if you aren't in tune with the moment.

    Good luck.