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Stroke 29 lube
  • Hi all

    Just a quick lube question from a newbie :) I've just received my Helix today but forgot to order some lube. DOH!!!! Anyway, I already have some Stroke 29 and was wondering if anyone knows if it's safe to use with the Aneros?

  • Stroke 29 is an oil based lube. There has been much written on this forum regarding the merits of water, oil and silicon lubes. I don't remember anyone claiming that oil based is unsafe, but rather the least desirable of the three. Oil does not launder well. I have never used an oil based lube internally.
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    I would suggest that any substance that is not edible should not be introduced into one's rear end because the colon is highly absorbant. That is why some medications and supplements are best administered by suppository.

    I would recommend using the Aneros with a condom. Apply lubricant to the Aneros and place the condom over it. Then use a little coconut oil for ease of insertion.

    You will find that the aneros slides much more smoothly inside the condom and therefore your experience will be all the more pleasurable. Try it!
  • VirgVirg
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    Edible is OK, huh?

    Butter, vegetable oil, canola oil...

    Holy lipator, Batman!!!