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Another newcomer says Hi
  • Hi everybody :)

    I've been lurking around for a long time, but since I now think I finally might add something for the community, I decided to register.

    The missing 'i' in my nick really isn't a typo - the forum limits nicknames to 15 characters only. Perhaps Support could do something about that?

    I'm a 30 years old hetero male living in Germany, happy owner of both a Helix and a Maximus. For those interested in shipment, customs etc.:
    Both times I ordered at the online shop, shipment with USPS took about 10 days, discreet package, customs never got involved. Everything went perfect, no embarrassment at all (Except for that morning when the postwoman rang and I opened the door in my bathrobe, not yet thinking clearly and all eager to finally recieve my Maximus. Of course all I got was invoices ;) Felt like Christmas the next day, when I finally could unwrap it). With the nice exchange rate between Dollar and Euro I've basically paid the same as if I'd bought at a local reseller.

    As my nickname might hint I'm also into e-stimming. Actually, I found out about Aneros when it was mentioned in an e-stimming forum as being the perfect toy for placing electrodes on it. Well, now I'm experimenting with Aneros both with and without e-stimming involved, and I love both ways.

    I'm still chasing after the "full-body" or dry orgasm (and probably still will have to for a long time to come), but reach a hands-free ejaculatory orgasm nearly every time I decide to finish a session that way rather than getting too exhausted or sore.

    With all my "home-improvement", tinkering and wiring going on I think I've found a way to improve on tbone's idea of the "floatie", that is a way to keep the abutment tab centered. I'll post something on that later.

    For now I'm off to the hardware store :)
  • charliecharlie
    Posts: 124
    Hello Wiredelectrician,
    Welcome to the forum. Keep us informed of your technique and your progress. We are all open to new variations. Good luck,