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Anyone gone to sleep with Aneros left inside him?
  • zeuszeus
    Posts: 2
    I'm interested in hearing stories of any guys who have gone to sleep with Aneros left inside them. What happened?

    As someone who hasn't reached a super "O" yet, or even mini "O's", I'm wondering if I ought to try falling asleep with my helix in me to see what happens.

    Any testimonials would be appreciated. The more the merrier!
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Zeus,

    Nothing to report here. I have done it twice and both times I woke about a couple of hours later uncomfortable with the situation. The first time, I dont believe that I used enough lube and the thing was cemented in there. The second time it was just rough around the edges. Both times I noticed that the sensations that I was getting from the Aneros was muted. Almost like my prostate went numb.

    I have heard of other stories that will no doubt surface in this thread. They sounded pretty cool, which is why I tried it.

    Good luck to you.

  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    The Nocturnal thread relayed some happenings in this realm
  • I have never been able to fall asleep with it in me. Not sure why, just could not do it. Now every time I start to drift off I start to orgasm. Why would I want to fall asleep at that point? This leads me to think that relaxation is one of the biggest factors.

    (note, I have tried falling asleep with it in before I had my breakthrough and it did nothing for me. Other people say it helped, but the idea sort of scares me honestly)
  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250
    Twice I've fallen asleep with the Helix and both times immediately had a wave (increased heart beat, rapid strong breathing, and a body wave). The second time I fell asleep, I woke up three hours later and had two waves without the Helix.
  • TonyTony
    Posts: 12
    I sleep with my MGX classic quite often, and it seems to me that I get the best results then. I awaken fairly often with these "body-quivering" gasms. So I don't get a lot of rest but it sure is a lot of pleasure.