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aneros, you little devil you!
  • This morning was my best run yet. Suprizingly, I did not do any of the normal prep, prelubing etc. I could not wait to have the thing in me and just lubed it up and went. Wow! I have not had much luck with the helix until today. Usually I use the mgx, but I might need to convert for a while. For some reason, it was really grinding the right spot.

    I was able to sustain my O's for much longer, and keep them rolling in with little time in between. once I got going, I had the strange notion that I was not in control of the thing. It seemed to be pushing on me with no interaction on my part. No contractions, nothing. Just waves of pleasure radiating from the aneros. I think I even had orgasms in my face!

    I only had 45 minutes, and let me tell you it was difficult to get ready for work. I could not seem to consentrate on anything I was doing. I still feel sort of light headed and giddy.

    Damn I love this thing. My only wish is that I took the plunge and bought it years ago!