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  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250
    Starting with a Helix purchase one month ago, I have been reading threads on this amazing forum during the past 30 days. So many thanks go out to the Charlies, Busters, and Mayfields of the forum who have provided wonderful forum support and have clearly professionalized the forum and this important self discovery process.

    There seem to be so many variables in the journey and many illusive definitions. What exactly are throbbing, pulsing, shaking, shuddering, waves, tingling, and so on? And, how do you really know that your aneros is in contact with the perineum and prostate? How do you explain it to others who have not yet achieved those feelings? How would you really know that your prostate is actually “swelling” as some threads attest?

    During my 30 days, I have learned successfully the prep, lube, position, relaxation, arousal parts of the journey. I am now extremely comfortable with the aneros for extended periods of use and have discovered the best positions for me are on the back with knees bent (sometimes with knees going to chest) and, more recently, on my stomach with legs spread.

    When I first found the prostate in the third week, the phrase that came to mind was….”God that is Delicious!” Kissing the prostate with the helix for the first time was worth the first two weeks of the journey. Finding the perineum was a more complex process but I am assuming I have found it since the journey is continuing.

    From the forum, PC Contractions seem very important so I am trying to build that capability with kegel exercises. It still difficult and close to impossible for me to: (1) do a PC contraction with a flaccid penis or (2) to separate an anal contraction from a PC contraction. But I will continue to exercise and try to learn how to do this.

    Experienced some extensive leg “shaking” particularly in the thighs combined with anal throbbing after kissing the prostate and/or a rectal contraction. But, I wonder if this is just from long periods of tensing the leg muscles in the “on the back” position but I believe it is aneros related.

    Many of the forum contributors have talked about an extended journey of many months (although none regretted the longer journey). In my case, I am enjoying the journey but wanted to experience some of the aneros events a little earlier. I have not yet had significant aneros involuntary thrusting, penis erection, or any pre-cum generation, for example (although the forum has said that any of these may never be achieved by some even while reaching the super o). And, with only the shaking and throbbing, I ordered the Slightest Touch unit (refer to Mayfield’s thread on B Keys and “I sing the body electric”) to see if I could “jump start” more of the aneros affects. By the way, the pdf for male users that comes with the unit is as good as or better than many of the threads in this forum. After receiving the Slightest Touch and placing a tab on the inside knee and the other on the perineum and setting the control at sub threshold, “the oven was preheated”, using Mayfield’s words, after about 15 minutes. Inserted the Helix which in combination with the ST produced all sorts of feelings and anal motion. Disconnected the ST after one hour and continued with the Helix after a relube. All sorts of delicious motion (although no aneros thrusting). Turned over on my stomach in exhaustion and started to fall asleep when a small wave pulled me out of the sleep and into two more hours of “delicious” feelings.

    Now I have an ebay special (Eupho, Maximus, and MGX combo) arriving in a week. Yes! Spare no expense in this exciting journey of sexual self discovery! Just think of the new variations! Eupho with and without ST, and so on.

    Maybe I should start a blog.

    I am trying to figure out how to invest in KY, HIH, and Aneros. It appears that Japanese men are all quietly humming away with their SGX Aneros over in Tokyo.

    Life is good.
  • charliecharlie
    Posts: 124
    Hello Tripper,
    Thank you for the kind words. I think you should start a blog to keep track of your discoveries. I am curious to read how the Slightest Touch enhances the Aneros experience. Take care,
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Tripper,

    I thank you for the kind words as well. We have got to help eachother in this quest. I think that your message here was a good one, in that it is a journey which will take different men in different directions with the end result all being the same, the Super O.

    I agree with Charlie in that you should start a blog. Start by copying this post over. You will be interested in going back to one place to chart your own progress and it will let others zero in on your progress as well.

    You are well on your way and I bet you are looking forward to your Ebay purchases arrival.

    Have a great weekend.

  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250
    Thanks to you both. I appreciated following your blogs and progress over time. I think it's a good way to judge the time factor with other folks and their progress.

    Initiated a one hour Helix session last night with the ST and had wild and strong uncontrollable lower body involuntaries. Guess I have to be careful that the ST does not overpower the subtle objectives of the Aneros. But, the combined effects are quite interesting and nice.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087

    I'm so glad that you're enjoying the ST ! It adds a whole different set of variables to the equation does it not? As you have discovered, like everything else, it takes some experimentation to find your zone with it. In general NEVER allow the ST overpower you. It should be used as a background stimulation only (assuming that you're using it for Super O traditional sessions it may used at much higher intensity).

    I'm also happy that you found the PDF helpful. I spent a fair amount of time on it...and in some ways it convinced me to begin a full fledged effort at an Aneros handbook (which I'm in the process of developing now).


    BF Mayfield
  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    Thanks for your encouragment, Mayfield. Since I am after the famous super O, I have always used the ST at the sub threshold level as you advised in the pdf. And, I look forward to your Aneros pdf as well. It was interesting that in the ST pdf you heavily emphasized the PC contraction with the ST while in your many Aneros threads you talk more about anal, rectal, and abdominal contractions. Any resoning for that?

    I did go off on another non ST helix session this afternoon before leaving on my trip. Used a hammock in the partial shade/sun. Very relaxing and warming (used sweat clothing as camoflage. Wanted to confirm that the ST (even at sub threshold) was not driving the process. It was nice that I can now go into involuntaries & shaking quite quickly and based on the right position (back with knees bent) stay in it almost indefinitely. A change from anal to rectal/anal and back to anal contraction always brings the shaking and involuntaries back. So it appears the ST and Aneros are teaming well at the ST sub threshold level.

    Although they are quite nice in themselves, I am hoping that the shaking and involuntaries represents progress to the super O. Or, should I convert to other positions which inhibit the shaking/involuntaries?

    Such a great trip........

  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250
    My business trip was cancelled so hallejuha……back to Aneros testing. I am still awaiting the special EBay Aneros combo (Eupho, Maximus, and MGX). So returning to the mighty fine Helix, I initiated an evening session with the ST using it at sub-threshold with tab locations at the perineum and the back of the knee with an on-the-back position. Very relaxing and arousing using a newly found web site.
    After 20 minutes, the oven was preheated and I inserted the Helix. Beautiful 45 minute session with shaking and involuntaries. Shut off and removed the ST to continue with the Helix. Exhausted after another active 45 minutes (hard to keep track of time with this activity). When I get exhausted, I really mean to say that at that point, I am barely, if at all, able to discern if I am even contracting or if I am able to contract (I assume that all these amazing muscles get stronger with time). Rolled over on my stomach with Helix still inserted. Just feel asleep … or close to it… and was fully awakened shortly after that with a nice rumbling wave that included heavy short breathing, heart pumping, and higher temperatures of the body. The wave seemed to roll thru the entire body. But, I could not regain it even with subtle contractions so removed the Helix and went soundly to sleep.
    About three hours later laying on my side, I awoke to a nice wave of activity. Coming out of the sleep state, I remember thinking.....”Oh my goodness….I don’t even have the Helix inserted. This is something new! I remember reading about this possibility in the forums”. Remembering the forum recommendations to just go with it, I rolled over on my stomach to my preferred position and waited. Very shortly after that, using very very subtle contractions, I had two separate waves. Very nice! Now I have to go back to the forum threads to compare and learn how to describe the sensations. Tingling in parts of the body and “rumbling” feelings flowing down thru the body but each wave seemed to last for a fairly short period of time.
    Then, I wondered….hey that was mighty fine. I wonder if I can slip in the Helix. Would that help or disrupt the activity? What the heck, I quickly lubed the Helix and inserted. But, I had no further activity.
    So, at least for me, I think the ST is helping to accelerate or facilitate the progress to the Super O without overpowering the Aneros. I now have almost no “dud” sessions as they have been called on the forums but maybe that’s because I am not bored with a flow of shaking and involuntaries. It also seems like I see something new during each session. A little Aneros gift, so to speak, each time we team up together!
    It is difficult for me to describe some of the contractions I am having….heck, maybe I am imagining them. It feels like I am twirling the helix around the prostate or in other cases moving the Helix tip sideways across the prostate. Is that even possible? I am not sure I have seen any description of that in the forums so maybe when my eyes cross from the prostate massaging activity of the Helix, I am fantasizing. That’s ok with me.
    Now, over the next week, I hope to try the famous Eupho for experiment #32.