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walking downtown with the aneros(my experiance)
  • (this post was edited 2006-09-08 23:09:32)

    hi all, Well after a active session with my helix the other night,4 hrs later!! got up still with the aneros in me lubed by a generous app of vasiline,my session was wild as i had many orgasms that totally wore me out so i thought ide go down to the gas sation a block away nand get smokes with the aneros still in me, my ass was gripping the aneros hard and im guessing i was having involinteries because there was small waves sweeping over me and the aneros whould get pulled in deep on its own as i walked.when i got to the gas station just before going in it hit...........a AWSOME orgasm in public oh god i thought i almost passed out and tought someone would think i was haveing a heart attack or something. The atenndent asked if i was alright and all i could say yea im ok ive been feeling ill lately but im ok.
    WOW!! I really dont recommend wearing the aneros in public because the big O could hit you and well you figure it out!!!! IN PUBLIC!!!!!
    private sessions in yur house is best!!! have funn in private!!!