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Could this be my problem?
  • Got my MGX today and I pretty much rushed into putting it in. About an hour later I still had no results or feelings at all. Most people report feeling an immediate pressure on the prostate, which I did not. Basically all I could really feel was the little tab at the front digging painfully into me. There was no pre-cum and I didn't get hard at all.

    One thing it may be, and something that has been at the back of my mind ever since I ordered my MGX, is that it is too small, or that my anal canal is too big.

    Admittedly, I was not aroused when I inserted it so maybe arousal swells up the prostate making contact more noticable. But also, in the past I have tried to use the little 'Silver Bullet' vibrators to arouse my prostate and had no success there too.

    I hope It's just me being impatient and unprepared but I am fully expecting to have to buy a Helix or, God help me, a Maximus.

    Any thoughts?
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    I also think lubrication may be a factor. I've been inserting 5-6mls of K-Y and even that I can't feel there. It may not be enough as I am now feeling kind of raw inside my sphincter and like I said before, the MGX didn't an ounce while it was in.

    My contractions were useless too.

  • BusterBuster
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    Dear Aussiecam,

    SLOW DOWN! In my reading of this forum, I have found that most people have first time experiences exactly like yours. It takes some time to wake things up. Before you rush to get other models, give this some time. Dont worry about an erection, I seldom get them. That was a concern for me in the early stages, but I guess some do and some dont. It would just get in the way anyway, so I feel fortunate in regards to that.

    It is easy to get caught up in everyone's stories and want them so badly for yourself. You will get there.

    Take care and good luck,

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    Thank you for your support, but I need some definite answers to my questions. I just did another hour-long session and I just couldn't will myself into arousal to test my theory about the swollen prostate.

    I also used twice the amount of lube. I almost have to go to full contraction to generate any kind of sensation and I heard that that's not a good idea.
  • charliecharlie
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    Dear AussieCam,

    Buster's suggestions are right on point. You have got to prepare yourself both physically and mentally as you embark upon your journey. Don't even think about using your MGX until you are aroused and have the time and privacy to engage in self exploration. Take it slow and don't expect too much too soon. It will take a while for you to recognize the triggers to orgasm and it will also take time for you to strengthen the muscles used to manipulate the aneros. ( I do know that the contractions you just described are much too hard.)

    Also, the MGX is a terrific unit which can generate awesome full body orgasms. You don't need the Helix or Maximus to achieve orgasm. Why not master the MGX before trying those unit?

  • in my experience, no arousal means NO RESULTS. in fact for me, it seems as though what happens is that you generate arousal then focus intently on it, growing it and maker it feel stronger and stronger as you breathe with it and the aneros generates more arousal... i believe that this arousal grows and grows into an almost 'sexual rush' as if you were about to loose your virginity to some fantasy woman which eventually grows to the point where it is no longer sexual excitement/anticipation but becomes so enjoyable that it is in fact the main event! (correct me if im wrong with this one). for me, the hands free orgasms that i have felt could almost be described as what the fantasies that you had when you were 13-14 would feel like if they actually happened. (i really hope someone can relate to my opinions)-. i think that most first timers expect it to feel like the aneros is basically stimulating another glans in your rectum but for me its more like the aneros generates sexual energies that grow and grow until theyre so intense you have to lable them orgasms. having said all that, i really hope someone agrees with me so that i dont feel crazy lol.
  • let me elaborate: im not a virgin, i just meant to say that this is the kind of sexual rush your looking for. not so much a 'yea, gunna get laid' arousal but more like 'holy shit, this is deep and intense' arousal.
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    I've decided to just buy the Helix. It's the only thing I can think of that can help me.
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    Actually, don't be afraid of the Maximus. I purchased one on a theory as I already own a helix and the Maximus definitely gives a full contact massage and has come closer to getting me there then the Helix has.

    If the Helix doesn't work, go for the Maximus for sure. It's not that bad on it's size and is worth any initial discomfort.
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    Thanks for that. I understand the 'stick with it' attitude but sometimes your body just tells you that your wasting your time.

    The MGX just has ZERO prostate contact. It's like sticking a pencil up my butt.

    I'll have to decide between the Helix and the Maximus.
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    I would go with the Maximus. I myself had some problems with even the Helix (Only at times) and found the Maximus gives one mean Prostate massage. It needs lots of lube but it is more than worth it.
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    Done and done.