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I masturbate too much!
  • My acupuncturist told me I masturbate too much. This old wise Korean guy, looks over my readings and tells me I'm low on energy and sex drive because of too frequent masturbation.

    I think he's probably right because everything else he said was true and, he got rid of my neck and shoulder pain in about a half an hour. I was a little too embarassed to ask him whether prostate massage on a regular basis would still be OK. Maybe I'll work up the gull to ask him next week when I see him but, until then: Anyone have an opinion on this?
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Dear Empires,

    "My acupuncturist told me I masturbate too much". That made me laugh right out loud. I dont know what I would say to someone who told me that. I would think that the build up of a little sexual tension can only help in an Aneros session. Everything that I have heard would say that masturbation (even excessive) helps with your prostate health. And after all, your prostate is pretty important in this journey.

    I say, experiment with abstinence to discover what is best for you in both your energy and your Aneros sessions. I would suspect that you will find the right combination for you. What the heck, ask the acupuncturist his opinion. It might be interesting.

    To your health,


  • Originally Posted By: empires
    My acupuncturist told me I masturbate too much.

    Sounds weird to me. I mean, what is 'too much' ? What is your own opinion ? Probably there are two different stand points. I would not worry about that. But I can confirm what was mentioned above already. A little bit of abstinence helped me much in having orgasms through prostata massages. I guess it is easier when the prostata is fuller.