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Finally Got it for the first time
  • (this post was edited 2006-09-04 22:47:48)

    Subject should actually read: Finally got it IN for the first time...

    Twice before tonight I have tried to get the Aneros MGX in me. Even with tons of lube, it just wasn't happening.. I had never had anything in there before, and my ass wanted to keep it that way. However, after a hot shower, some breathing exercises, some chamomille and so on, I finally got it in after some initial discomfort (It just felt before as if I had to "go"). Once I got it to a certain point, it did just kinda slide into place, and it was no longer uncomfortable. However, the problems I faced were that my anus immediately contracted to it's full strength and would not let go. With some more breathing, the kung-fu grip lessened.. All and all, I tried to control contactions and place them in continuity with my breathing, but it pretty much had a mind of its own. Finally, I wasn't sure if I liked it, not because it felt bad, but because it didn't feel very stimulating. I decided to jack off with the Aneros still in.. I came in about 2 seconds (Probably having to do with the Aneros?) and when I did the aneros started going in and out like crazy.. It kinda spooked me or cought me off guard to the point where I focused on what it was doing involuntarily instead of my orgasm.. In short, it made for a wiered orgasm I hadn't felt before, that was distracting and kind of unfullfiling. I might as well give you the finishing story so you have the full picture.. I just wanted to get it out after I came.. It was hard.. My ass would suck it back in before I got it out.. Started to worry a bit but eventually got it out.. I'll be honest, a bit intimidated to try again.. Any advice or suggestions??
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    Sounds like my first few times. Biggest thing is just relax. It will happen when it happens and don't be scared. Try to be calm and just think of something that turns you on, but don't touch anything, the aneros or yourself.

    I personally just lay on one side or the other with my knees together and bent just a little. It odd how things start happening on their own with time, but it does. I have yet to have a super-O but I have come very close and, man.... The feelings are something else.

    Keep going and don't give up hope.

    Good luck.
  • Hi guys

    I finally got my Helix last Saturday and "Smooth Move" water-based gel which I believe is the same as "Maximus" in the USA.

    I've been having pretty much the same problems on the 3 occasions I've tried: not so difficult to get it "in" but once it is in, my arse is latching on to it like a carpet python and it isn't moving around at all. I can walk around the room quite energetically and it is in no danger of popping out. I lay on my side for 20 minutes listening to the Alex Jones show the first time, making a conscious effort NOT to contract and I could feel the pulse in my sphincter, which kept building up and then ebbing away again. I was acutely aware of my sphincter and it wasn't exactly pleasant.

    I was most suprised by this because I *felt* perfectly relaxed, was breathing slowly and gently but I had "involuntary tension" in the work area. Subsequent times, I tried to get as much lube as possible inside my canal but it didn't move around any more than before and it was still a devil of a job extracting it afterwards. I had thought to go to sleep with it in place to see if that would desensitize me and relax my sphincter, but it gnawed at my senses so much that even after 2 hours, I couldn't sleep and had to take it out.

    Frustrating, to say the least. I am convinced it would work if I could only relax some; it did milk some precum out of me when I tried contracting, but I actually found it difficult to get and maintain an erection to bash off, even watching my favourite porn scenes; my knob felt strangely de-sensitized as if I'd been drinking or smoking something. When I finally did come, I had the same uneasy experience as the thread originator in that because the Aneros wasn't freely moving, the orgasm sensations took a back seat to thoughts of "what the *uck is going on down there?"

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    Sounds like you're on tack, sad as it may sound now.

    But give it time. You also should try using the Vaseline trick. Coat it first with that, then lube.

    Go ahead and play with it a little using your muscles, you may find the right one to get things moving. If not, just give it time.

    Best of luck!
  • PuckPuck
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    Sounds like you're both very new to it, nervous and trying too hard. It'll take a while to get over these things. The main things I'd advise are

    1. Don't start with high expectations. This will just make you nervous and then frustrated or disappointed.
    2. You need to notice and appreciate anything remotely pleasurable, no matter how subtle.
    3. Be prepared for this to take months of practice (it's worth it)
    4. Try warming up the aneros first - it might make the insertion a little easier.
    5. Don't masturbate! Just don't! Unless you're finishing off your session. Otherwise it's not going to help you, as penile stimulation just swamps everything else.
    6. To take it out, you need to be in the right position, like, as if you're about to take a dump. Over the toilet helps.
    7. You don't need THAT much lube - neither should this be a major preoccupation for you. Half a syringe-full plus a coating on the Aneros will do just fine.

    Good luck!
  • Well, I had session 5 last night and finally I think I'm getting somewhere.

    People have commented elsewhere that time seems to just disappear. It certainly does! I went to bed at 1:30am after 1 hour psyching myself up with Ben Dover (no touching) and I just lay still on my side with the Aneros inserted. I didn't move or try to contract at all.

    I was much less tense in the back end than previous attempts and felt I could overcome the fear of crapping myself if I pushed out or even just totally relaxed. With a bit of practice I found this easier to do. About 30 minutes in (or what I thought was 30 minutes) I started getting a tickling sensation around the base of my penis, a cross between needing a piss and a light electric shock. It felt as if I needed to touch myself/WAS touching myself, and that I was very hard and horny but I didn't touch myself and I wasn't hard in the slightest.

    I then started to get a strange feeling in my anus. The only way I can describe this (I believe it was the start of the so-called P-Wave) was as if the lower part of my body was being pulled into a sensationless black hole but then on the rebound, a wave of "something" wafted up my back to the shoulders. This "trough" of sensation, as I will call it, felt like extreme relaxation or reaching the normal "point of no return" and when I concentrated on getting back "there" I found I could do it and each time the wafting sensations were a bit stronger, but after the 4th round, whether due to my excitement or over-trying or whatever, I lost it. Contracting didn't seem to do anything - these initial sensations were arrived at purely through relaxation.

    I decided to finish off with a regular wank, which didn't seem any more productive than usual but the orgasm was longer and stronger. I checked my watch and it was 4am!

    Just sitting here in my chair over 12 hours later, I can feel that something has been "switched on" and if I concentrate, I can feel that I am only slightly above the point where I could sink into the "trough" again, without the Aneros inserted.

    Let's see what tonight will hold...

    Best wishes to all