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walking while inserted
  • Being new to this, I was wondering if you can walk around with it inserted? For example, could you go to the beach and swim etc...?
  • charliecharlie
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    Hello altereg,

    While it's not something I have done, if you are curious, give it a try. (Well, maybe not swimming) See how your body reacts. You may generate pleasurable sensations, maybe not. Be patient, experiment, and remember to have fun. Every guy responds differently. Good luck,hopefully you'll be the guy on the beach with the biggest smile on his face. Take care,
  • Realize that without keeping a mild contraction, it is possible that it will pop out. You may want to experiment at home first. Other than that, there is no harm and likely pleasure.
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    Originally Posted By: altereg
    Being new to this, I was wondering if you can walk around with it inserted? For example, could you go to the beach and swim etc...?

    If you want to go about your daily life with it inserted, why not try a butt plug. They come in many different sizes to suit your taste. I use them all the time and believe me, I'm always up and ready for some action.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    (this post was edited 2006-09-05 23:03:16)

    Although one or two others have endorsed this practice in the past, I've generally discouraged people from it. First, the Aneros was not designed to be used in this way, one look at it will tell you that. The curled handle and the abutment tab in addition to being cumbersome could inadvertantly be impacted resulting in a great deal of force being yielded (instantaneously) against your prostate. Injury is a distinct possibility. Sitting down, for instance could be a real problem. Remember, the Aneros is composed of a hard, rigid, non-porous plastic, which makes it extremely responsive to ones own anal contractions. My sense about it is that it would require extreme caution to walk around with the Aneros safely.....and where's fun is that?

    I would agree with Bern ,....a butt plug is a much better choice for this application. Preferable one of the silicone variety. Plugs don't have anything sticking out from the there are much more "wearable" and there's no risk of jabbing yourself internally. Furthermore, because of their flared design there is little likelihood of one popping out on you either. Although a butt plug affords more tangential prostate massage, it's a type of contact more consistent with continuous use. (I'm assuming that such a plug would be somewhere under 2 inches in girth... some of the mammoth plugs could pose problems for "walking" as well).

    BF Mayfield