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Curious but nervous
  • First of all I just want to say I think it's wonderfully encouraging that men are taking control of their own sexuality through self-pleasure.

    Anyway, I'm a 29 year-old single straight male. In the past I have put things in my anus as just an aid to masterbation, with half-decent results. The Aneros seem to be able to provide what I've been looking for: earth-shaking orgasms.

    I'm looking to buy one and give it a go but I'm hoping to maybe find some videos that demonstrate how best to use it. I guess the product doesn't come with a DVD.
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    Just ordered the MGX. Hopefully it'll get to me in a few days. I'll be sure to let you all know how it goes.

    I'm sure I'll be wanting to take the week off work.
  • charliecharlie
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    Hey Aussie,
    Congratulations on taking the plunge. Don't be nervous, the journey is rewarding in itself. All us guys on the forum are here for encouragement and support. Let us know how thing go. Just remember to take it slow, and don't expect too much too soon. Good luck,
  • There really is not all that much to be nervous about. The unit is much smaller than it appears on the website. Don't expect miracles, it will take time. There is a learning curve with the aneros. The end result feels totally different then anything else you have probably experienced, so it is all about exploration until you find it. Other people can give you hints and tell you what works for them, but it may not work for you. Ultimately, you will have to put in the time to set things in motion yourself. Go with what feels good, and don't get to caught up in the details, just play and have fun...

    Good luck
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    Anxiously awaiting my MGX (damn weekend interrupting the postal service).

    In preparation I went and bought a bottle of lube. Having never boyught the stuff before and feeling more than alittle overwhelmed I bought one that turns out to be a cream rather than a gel. It feels like the moisturiser I use on my hands and face after a shower.

    Looks like I'm back to the sex shop again.