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dry orgasm - pain ?
  • hi, i just ordered the helix today and while i'm waiting for it to arrive, i've got a question.

    previous prostate/anal insertions have been immensely pleasurable, reaching points of orgasm multiple times. However, each climax brings about only a drop or two of pre-cum and with accompanying pain (much like trying to force a pee with an erection).

    i'm really looking forward to the helix but i'm really unsure whether this ejaculatory pain is going to continue or not, regular penile masturbation does not come with the pain.

    Thanks for reading, hope to get some advice asap.
  • anyone have any thoughts about this ?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    What level of intensity of stimulation have you used in the past? Has this problem occurred through gentle stimulation or more vigorous activity...say as in milking ?

    Depending on the individual, one or two drops of precum (Cowper's fluid) is not abnormal. If you have been striving to really drain your prostate by manual stimulation, may have your answer right there. Although I'm aware that there are many proponents of the practice, I've steered away from it myself and have advised others against it. The reason is that, (in my opinion) there is a real potential for doing damage, particularly when one is not skilled in this regard. As I've explained in the past the prostate can actually become desensitized with vigorous stimulation, such that one ends up causing damage without even knowing it. For example, urethral stricture is possible, from the swelling of the adjacent tissue in the prostate...causing a painful..gritty..burning sensation upon ejaculation.

    Please be aware that I'm not try to scare anyone here, but urge caution on the part of those who might be engaging in this.

    If this isn't relevant to what you've been doing...please give more particulars.

    BF Mayfield
  • i wouldn't say it was too vigorous, i haven't any health issues that would require me to drain my prostate.
    but i guess prostate play with ecstacy in mind has a higher potential for abuse.

    whether stimulation is from a finger (just one) or a small homemade dildo, climaxing is as described, 'forcing pee out with an erection'.
    maybe its because i was forcing the climax?

    really looking forward to the helix :D