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My Experience with the Aneros :)
  • dipsterdipster
    Posts: 3
    Here’s my experience using the aneros. I know it’s long but please read it. I used to be a skeptic about the aneros, but not anymore.

    So I’ve had the aneros for over a year now but haven’t been using a lot till recently. When I first used the aneros, it felt nice inside me, but never gave me the Super O I was looking for. Since it felt good inside me, I just used it to help make my penis more sensitive and my ejaculations more intense. In other words I kind of disregarded what the aneros could do for me.

    I became interested in what the aneros could do for me when I visited a sex shop and they had the next generation lines and a brochure. Seeing the 3 new products peaked my interest again in the aneros I have, the MGX. Later that day I used the aneros and got nowhere so I ended up masturbating to ejaculation. I headed to the forums and read up about what to do, techniques, etc. and watched a few videos of the aneros in action.

    A week later I decided to give it another go before I go to bed, but this time I wanted going to expect anything. If something did happen, great, and if not, oh well. So I prepared my ass for the penetration, lubed up and inserted the aneros. The position my body was laying on my side with on leg extended and the other leg curled up. I was doing the PC and sphincter muscle contractions and it felt nice, but still nothing so I decided to various positions i.e. on my back propped up with pillows with feet on the ground, doggy-style, on my stomach. Anyways those positions didn’t do much difference so I went back to lying on my side. I remembered I had seen a video of someone using the aneros and having multiple dry orgasms followed by a hands free ejaculation. In the video the user had also pulled his testicles between his legs to make the skin on his penis more taut and sensitive, so I went ahead and tried that. I kept up flexing, but nothing. I had actually ended up nodding off, but was awoken by a nice tingling in my genital area. So I kept up with my contractions and kept getting small tingling sensations. I was thinking they were Mini-O’s. One of the mini-o’s kept going and I thought, “Oh my god here it comes!” The tingling spread to my abdomen which then started to contract. My breathing speed increased. Next thing I know, I let out a big moan of ecstasy (the kind you hear in porno movies when they do the fake pop) all while my body was writhing in pleasure. This went on for several minutes before the feelings subsided. It felt good and I know that I wanted another one therefore I kept contracting. It took a while but I contracted pretty hard then I knew another one was coming. Anyways that night I was pretty sure I had a Super-O.

    What I had experienced that night, I wanted again the next day. I tried the same thing, but nothing. I guess my expectations were messing with my actual achievement. I read the forums more about techniques etc. Being pretty sure I had a Super-O with the aneros I wasn’t going to give up. A few more uses and nothing.

    Last night I was feeling pretty horny while surfing the internet. I had stopped by the aneros forums to see if I could find anything else to help me. On particularly caught my eye, by Leol, about lying on my stomach. I did all the usual preparation (cleaned up my rectum, inserted my finger into my rectum to apply lube, lubed the aneros, and inserted the aneros). I warmed up by doing contractions for about 15 mins. I followed his suggestion of starting with light contractions and increasing contraction strength to find the sweet spot. To my surprise it was only about 25% of a full contraction. I had previously thought that it was at full contraction. That was completely wrong. I did the whole breath in and contract, exhale and relax. I had noticed during the inhale and contraction phase, nearing the end of the 4sec inhale my sphincter seemed to contract again without me doing it and it felt really good. I decided to keep my ass contracted at 25% while breathing. These involuntary contractions started to increase in frequency and intensity. My breathing starts to increase at the same time my hips begin to shake (NOT grind into the bed). BAM! I release a loud sound of pleasure, groaning, moaning while trembling about.
    When those feelings ended, I wanted to try all different positions. One that ended up giving me a problem was actually being on my side. My cock would end up becoming semi-erect and touching the bed and that was a major distraction. The positions I ended up liking the best was kneeling on all fours doggy style, laying on my stomach, and laying on my stomach on the bed with my feet being supported by a chair and my cock hanging in the space between (got this idea from the ottoman suggestion). This session ended up being 4 hours with testing and a short break between.

    I wanted to try again this morning. I ended up having a 3 hour session with multiple Super-O’s (my ass is kind of tender now). Knowing where the sweet spot is definitely speed up the process. It took about 15-20 before the involuntary contractions began with a super-o following in a rather short amount of time. This time the involuntary contractions were much more noticeable. I also saw my cock twitch at the same time which was a bonus visual sign.

    Hope everyone enjoys reading my experience. Ah!!! It like the days of discovering to masturbate when you’re an adolescent 

    So here are some questions:
    Do you think I had a Super-O based off my description?

    I was thinking on buying a next gen model. Any recommendations based of my experience.

    My penis tended to be semi-erect most of the time and become rock hard on a few Super-Os, specifically when letting it hang between my chair and bed. Any thought/comments about this?

    I am really intrigued in having an ejaculation with just using the aneros. Is this possible? I saw it in a video… Tips please!

    I saw post about spreading your butt checks, but can’t find it. Please elaborate on this.

    PS The video I saw of the dry orgasms was interesting to see, so thanks to the poster if they read the forums. There was also another video of a user with his legs up and to his chest, exposing his anus nicely, that demonstrated the involuntary contractions nicely. The moaning was a bonus too. Again if the poster reads this, Thanks!