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a few simple questions
  • empiresempires
    Posts: 10
    Ok so my first question is this: How far should i insert the Aneros? I realise that once the massager reaches a certain point, it pretty much slides in on it's own. Should I leave it where it is? Or should I try to insert it all the way? I ask this because the perineum massager doesn't seem to be putting very much pressures on my perineum. I've played with my parineum during regular masturbation and I always press down pretty hard.

    Second question: I'm having a hard time getting comfortable once it's in. I can't seem to shake the feeling that I need to take a shit, this feeling seems to get worse the more lube I use, any suggestions?

    Last question: Is it ok to lie on my back? Or does this interfere with the ability of the Aneros to move freely? I'm most comfortable on my back but, it seems like the handle is being pushed up, possibly messing up the position of the Aneros.

    Sorry I have so many questions but, I'm very anxious to have a Super-O!
  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    First question: Once you have inserted the aneros and your anus 'accepts' it, you do not have to insert it or push it in any further. Your muscles will do the rest. It may take a while. Be patient. As your muscles relax there should be a feeling of the aneros going 'deeper'. The perinium will then feel more pressure.

    Second question: The feeling of needing to expel can be normal. Did you 'clean your bowels'? Some lubes can cause the feeling of needing to expel. Either of these may be the reason. Otherwise, this feeling should go away with time and use. Be patient.

    Third question: I find that for at least the first few minutes, laying on your side is the best. Eventually I switch to my back. The handle can be a problem on your back. One way to avoid this is to prop a pillow under your but. Don't use a pillow under your head if you do this. This will also alter the angle of the aneros. I suggest you try different positions and see which ones give your the most pleasure. I change positions quite frequently within a session and between sessions. Each position gives me different sensations.

    The most important thing you can do is relax, breath and let the feeling go. Try to get into the feelings of the aneros inside of you and go with the feelings, don't force it. The more you try and force it the more it won't work. It is not a program. You can't make it happen it simply happens on its own. I sometimes create a fantasy to coincide with the feelings.

    Good luck. It is a wonderful ride.