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  • Okay I found out my problem. I posted a couple days ago about how I had pain when I would use the aneros. That statement is incorrect. I have pain when I insert the lube. It feels like a I have a bad case of diarhea. I use the ID glide kind. I used the aneros with just lube on the aneros and slide it in and it went in with no pain so i'm sure it's the lube. How can I fix this problem of having fluid in my anus making me feel like I have to shit really bad.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    (this post was edited 2006-08-21 01:08:52)

    Sounds like it's time to explore different types of lubrication. In a nutshell, there are 3 general varieties: water, oil, and silicone. ID Glide is a water based lubricant whose principal constituent is glycerin. Glycerin is known to have a purgative effect in some individuals (may cause cramping and diarrhea like symptoms). There are a new class of water based lubricants that are glycerin-free as well. I've used one in particular with some success, it's called Maximus and contains propylene glycol as the active ingredient. There are others too, just make certain that they do not contain any glycerin.

    Oil based lubricants generally contain some form of petrolatum (petroleum jelly). It is interesting to note that this option was used for decades for enema and thermometer lubrication for infants until the advent of glycerin based preparations. Some people still swear by it.

    Silicone based products are the newest technology in lubrication. Super slick, and long lasting, they are amazingly light as well.

    Oil and silicone based products present a bit more of a challenge for clean up, (particularly the latter...which always makes me feel like I've used a can of Camp dry (water repellent) on my rear! Nonetheless, these materials have some advantages over water based counterparts, chiefly that they don't dry out (making reapplication unnecessary under normal conditions). I should mention that some people have expressed concern over how these substances are absorbed.

    Like I's time to experiment a bit....find out what works and what you're the most comfortable with.

    BF Mayfield