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A couple questions/comments
  • EnemagraEnemagra
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    So - I bought an MGX about 6 weeks ago and initially felt absolutely nothing. After a couple weeks I tried using it in combination with a certain smokable green plant and it was only then that i started to feel some results. In fact, the first time i used it 'under the influence' i had a brief jolt of what i believe was an anal orgasm. And wow, although it was only a jolt, it felt like i was shot with a bolt of lightning from the godess of pleasure lol. I have also had some amazing 'electrical' jolts shoot down my arms. Aside from these 'gifts' i really havent felt too too much. My routine usually involves a shower, some erotica and lying on my side in the recommended way. Anyways, recently i seem to be feeling less and less and i just want to make sure im not making any joy-killing mistakes. I guess my first question regards breathing techniques. For me, the only way i can start that 'glowing' feeling is by breathing very deeply and slowly, watching some erotica and completely muting all mental commentary. By doing this, i start to become aware of a sort of warm feeling all through out my body with very brief 'tense feelings' like something is starting to take over, which normally makes my toes curl, but isnt accompanied with any further pleasurable feelings. After doing this for enough time that im confident it isnt going to progress (im not sure how long, i dont tend to keep track of time), i experiment with 'harder breathing' and also slight contractions etc, however doing so seems to KILL the experience. So, i know that you are supposed to exersize meditative breathing initially, but do you keep this pace all through out the session? in my experience, it doesnt seem to feel possible that i can really progress the session while still keeping everything so slow. Also, is it normal to have contractions kill the experience? Lastly, for me, it seems to be the perenieum tab that is the source of any brief, intense feelings and i dont think ive ever really felt any stimulation from within (the prostate itself). Can you normally actually feel the head of the aneros 'massaging' the prostate? maybe i need a larger model.

    Anyways, complaints aside, ill also add that i definately believe i have tapped into something almost 'magical' with the aneros. even though i dont feel like ive progressed past the first or second step with the aneros, i feel like it has affected the way i feel everyday. i feel like my relationships with friends and family have become stronger and that im able to embrace all the good feelings of life and pay no attention to the bad ones (guilt, jealousy, anxiety etc). I am also a music producer (electronic stuff) and sinse using the aneros i get MUCH more absorbed into my work and the results are wonderfull! anyways, any comments/suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated, and best of luck to all!

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    wow... i think writing that post was therapeutic in some way because last night i had my best session ever and all hope has been restored. I think i was too focused on relaxing rather than focusing and trying to build up arousal.