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First Week With The Aneros
  • Well I got my Aneros MGX about a week ago, and have tried it 3 times, two with very positive results.

    My first try was Saturday and I think I got close to a Super O, but couldn't get over the top. I followed the advice of the manufacturer and a lot of people on the forum, started on the side position, and just focused on breathing for about 20 minutes. After 20 minutes of relaxing I tried a few contractions which felt really nice, but nothing huge. All of a sudden I must have shifted my position, because I suddenly felt this huge sensation. My legs started shaking, my skin tingled all over my body, and I started moaning uncontrollably for 10-15 seconds. I tried to focus on it, but realized too late that by trying to make it continue that I lost the feeling. I took out the Aneros and masturbated, and noticed that my ejaculation was much stronger than usual.

    The second try was Sunday night. This one got me frustrated. I thought I did everything the same, but got nothing for about an hour. The perineum tab was making me a little sore, so I gave up.

    I read some helpful posts on the forum, decided to give it a few days rest, and try again last night.


    I went through the same routine, but instead of focusing on just my breathing during the relaxation stage, I read some erotica as well. I then started some contractions, and was careful about how strong to make them and concentrated on the feeling.

    After a while I got to the shaking stage I hit Saturday. This time I relaxed and let my body take over. My hips started grinding involuntarily and I felt this huge wave of pressure around the Aneros - almost like I was holding in a bowel movement, but entirely pleasurable. The Aneros seemed to be driving itself deeper inside me without me doing a thing. After shaking and moaning for a good 2 or 3 minutes I felt a huge sense of release, much more intense than my first try on Saturday. I even shot a fair amount of prostate fluid, but no semen.

    I was determined to keep it going. I moved up on to my hands and knees for a few minutes, then back to my side. Instead of contractions, I started rocking my hips. I could feel the Aneros stroking my prostate and another wave building. The same thing happened - I could feel myself involuntarily contracting, and the Aneros pressing itself deeper and deeper and more firmly against my prostate. Another wave of pressure built up - this one bigger than the last - as I rocked, moaned, and shuddered all over the place. This wave lasted a good 5 minutes until I could feel my prostate give a huge spasm and I again shot prostate fluid, this time a huge amount. I am confident I could have gone on for a third or more time, but by this time it was late and I was spent. And 12 hours later I can still feel little spasms and ripples through my anus and pelvic floor muscles.

    So I think I learned a few things. First is that when you are starting out, you may need to take some time between sessions - the muscles the Aneros uses need some training and the area you are dealing with is so sensitive it needs a break. I was so excited after the first time that on my second session I probably was rushing things.

    Second is that once you find a spot with the Aneros that feels pleasurable, try to hold that contraction and rock your hips as others have suggested.

    Now I just have to figure out how to tell my wife about this! She's been travelling this week so I've had some free time to experiment. I'm thinking of making an appointment with my urologist, just so I can tell her he recommended it!
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Dear rfromdafc,

    Wow, that is tremendous that you have already gotten to that level after only 3 sessions! Count yourself as extremely fortunate.

    I would recommend that maybe you should have your wife review some of the postings here from the wives. I believe that she will be better off. Good luck with that.

    Continued success,