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using a funny plastic is crap, I have learned much faster wi
  • zanyozanyo
    Posts: 15
    (this post was edited 2006-08-13 13:50:15)

    it's taken me about 15 attempts at milking without any clues from any place like this to understand how to have an orgasm and totally ejaculate only using the prostate.

    I have been looking for this information everywhere, but the trick is just to be very relaxed and pretend you were softly stroking your girlfriend's nipple for about five minutes, and then start very slightly rubbing up and down in the ticklish middle bit of the prostate,when it starts to get very ticklish and starting to kind of orgasm, you feel you can squeeze it a bit and it contracts and a lot more comes out than by massaging the prostate least it should be easy of the prostate is full.

    I did it first time properly yesterday and had a fall really pleasant orgasms same as normal ejaculation, I have been searching everywhere how to do this but that's basically it, turn it on enough with tickling and then try and contract and squeeze it a little bit using your anus and shaft muscles and you will probably feel something.

    I think an important thing is the mindset, just masturbating like a girl calmly and not expecting anything and just feeling the sensations very lightly and gently and then when it builds up you can squeeze a little bit because it becomes conscious and there you go.