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Almost ,but not quite there. Advice please
  • Things are improving. Last night was the closest yet. That says it all. I'm relaxed and am now enjoying every new feelings I get and last night was best yet but and there always is a but I can't work out what I'm missing to go over the edge.
    Time and time before I have always seemed to have best results by lying on my back, pillow underneath my bum etc except tonight I stayed on my side, one leg extended etc, watching some porn.
    Well the feelings I got was tickling. I mean constant tickling on my prostate. Doing the breathing technique through the diaphram and holding it made it even better. I was also getting the Eupho drawing in by itself without and contractions from me. It wasn't everytime just every now and then but when they did happen it sent shocks waves through my butt,arms amd legs.
    Now this went on for ages. Still relaxed and enjoying the sensations and after about 90 minutes but didn't get a whole body experience so I feel I'm getting closer so decided to stop.
    Now my question is

    1/ are these sensations I'm getting what I am striving for?

    2/ How on earth do you take it that step further without killing the sensations?

    Just to add that today I am getting involuntary contractions without doing anything. They are just happening. Is this normal as well?