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FIrst impressions for me
  • Well It came in today, and I was eager to give it a go. I have helix because it mention that it might be easier for a begginer.

    Insertion was okay, and right off the bat I was pleased with it, my it reaches the right places. I started slow, but soon couldn't help but speed up the contracting as desire built. As I got excited I felt something swell and become firmer with pressure, not sure if it was the prostate, and why it would swell. I started to approach a peak, then it slipped away from me and receded.

    This happen to me three times, each time I could not grasp it then it would fade and that pressure would go away.

    THough I am unsure IF I was doing it right, since at no time did I obtain an erection, despite the approaching peaks. I believe people mention and erection as they get excited.

    It felt great, THough maybe I need to polish my approach, I did notice it stays in nicely, so it should be good for a romp with the misses too

    I can see this is going to be fun..
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    That sounds right to me, as all my experiences thus far match that. Sometimes you get an erection and sometimes you don't, just one of those variables.

    Good luck!