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Newcomer to aneros -- first impression
  • 24fps24fps
    Posts: 8

    Hi all,

    Well I received my Helix yesterday. Couldn't sleep so I decided to try it for the first time.

    1: put lots of lube and inserted it, it did so quite nicely.

    2: relaxed for a few minutes because the contractions were so strong.

    3: Started the soft contractions for about ten minutes. A sense of good feelings (dont' want to use euphoria yet) started to came over my body in small waves and suddenly I felt something really strong was growing.My penis started to erect on it's own too.

    4: The second that this strong feeling came that's when I couldn't do any contractions. I didn't jump into a uncontrollable phase, I simply couldn't contract , like when you are working out and you can't do a particular exercise because that muscle is tired and can't take it anymore.

    5:The strong sensation went away and I relaxed for a couple of minutes then I started my small contractions again. That's when my prostate really got big, I could feel it pushing on the Helix. It didn't hurt so I assumed it was ok to continue.

    6: Couple of minutes later that strong sensation came back again but not as strong and my penis started to erect by himself, I didn't masturbate.

    7: Then the fatigue came back again and couldn't do contractions again so I rested.

    I repeated this process a couple of times and finished the session. I had a strong feeling that it would acheive anything more for that session so I took the helix out.

    now this morning nothing hurts except maybe for my sphincter who is a little hot to the touch. I assume more lube will be needed for the next session.

    I use the lay down position but felt a strong pressure coming from the Helix, maybe too strong for a rookie, next time I will fold my legs and put my feet on the bed. I used that position last night but I didn't really felt anything.

    The only real concern is that throughout my session I had to pause 2 times to pee. I did pee before I started and when I did pee it was a real one not just a few drops. Also the swelling of the prostate( I assume it was the prostate who swelled, correct me if I am wrong). The swelling kind of restricted my contractions because I couln't feel my muscles anymore.

    Any thought on all that?


  • charliecharlie
    Posts: 124
    Hey Phil,

    Congratulations on your first session. Sounds like you had a great first experience. Don't worry about the urge to urinate, that's nothing out of the ordinary. With more experience, you will get used to the pressure on your bladder. As for your muscle fatigue, that will also dissipate with time as your muscles strengthen. You will be amazed by your ability to manipulate muscles you never knew you have. Take it easy and enjoy the journey. Have fun,