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ever tried aneros product on a lady??
  • Hi all, my question is this: Have any of you guys tried an aneros out on your girlfriend or wife, or indeed have any women tried it on their own??
    And if so, where did you use it(front/back or both), what sort of positions worked best, and if it helped bring you to a lovely orgasm?
    This may sound like a weird few questions, but my girlfriend and I love to experiment, and I want to surprise her with this wicked toy, usually I blindfold her and take it nice and slow, and opinions and reports would be a great help!
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    Well, the Aneros is primarily designed for men and stimulates the prostate.

    Since women do not have a prostate in the traditional sense (I have heard some theories that the g-spot in a woman may well be a vestigal prostate gland), it's difficult to tell how effective it would be.

    I wouldn't want to put someone off trying the Aneros, but there tonnes of sex toys specifically designed for women that could prove more effective.

    Still, you could always buy one for yourself and (making sure it's sterile) let her have a go to see if it does anything for her. :)