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confusion - push or pull?
  • aaron14684aaron14684
    Posts: 22
    i am confused now. for the contractions, do you push outward on the aneros as if you are trying to expel it? i have been contracting if, as in "lifting" my penis up which causes the aneros to be pulled into me. please help.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134
    Both types of contractions are possible. In the past I've used the term anal contraction to denote the type that closes the anus shut/draws inward. A rectal contraction on the other hand is typified by the pushing out sensation (as one feels with a bowel movement). Again both contractions may be used and in some cases even simultaneously. However, the anal contraction is more likely the predominate type. After all, it is the anal contraction that will most directly bring pressure to bear upon the prostate via the Aneros. Relaxation releases the contact. Read through BEE LINE and my B's Keys to the Backdoor sticky threads above for more particulars on this.

    BF Mayfield