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A little advice please
  • WholesomeWholesome
    Posts: 2
    Hi I have been using the aneros Helix for the past couple of months, and have enjoyed every breath taking moment of it. From the first time i inserted it i was lucky to experience involuntaries and mini o's and by the second time I think i had a super O but not really certain. My body basically began to thrust and sway and vibrate and my anus took on a life of its home sending jolts of electricity and bucking incontrollably. I have however experienced a few things since starting using the Aneros. one is if i dont use it for a while I seem to have a thin stream of precum hat is uually expelled after I urinate, and even more so with the slightest bit of stimulation. Please could you advise if you have experienced anything similar or should I be worrying? Also I am thinkink about purchasing my next aneros model and would like any advice that can be offered.

    Thanks to all out there for the interesting and helpful posts.