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Reverse Lube Attempts???
  • Has anyone else ever attempted to apply KY Jelly during the prelube stage, and then apply Astroglide to the Aneros?

    I have been using a medicine dropper full of KY Jelly to administer the prelube, and then adding a thin film of KY to the Aneros. So far it has done well. The only gripe I have is that sometime there is excess amounts of KY on the outside of my anus. That is why I am thinking of using the KY prelube and Astroglide to the Aneros.

    Just for your information, attempts to use Astroglide as the prelube haven't been too good for me. It doesn't seem to be enough when I just add the Astroglide as a prelube, and the KY to the Aneros.
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    Hi. You can get a small syringe at any drug store, likely for free. Just ask for a syringe for administering medicine. They'll give it to you. Ask for the smallest one they have.

    What I do it use all KY. Apply a small amount to the anus and also about an inch into the rectum. Then inject a half syringe of KY a couple inches in. Then coat the Aneros real well with KY and insert it with a twist one way and then the other and it just kind of sucks it in. Pop!

    Sure, there's a little KY on the outside, but a short length of TP to wipe around a bit works well.