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  • WardWard
    Posts: 29
    I have a few questions. Lately I think I've been getting closer to the elusive super "O". First let me say I've been working with the helix for about 8 months with mixed results until recently. A few weeks ago I tried adding the Slightest Touch to my sessions. It didn’t give me a super O but it did fire off bigger p waves and it helped me to identify what I need to feel. I think it also awakened my body somewhat. Since then I'm finding my body getting revved up on its own. For example last week while I was at work I started feeling p waves coming on at random through out the day. That night I had a session with some nice feelings and a few p waves but nothing really earthshaking. Three days later out of the blue I noticed my body starting to kick off some P waves again. Just like before only more pronounced. This time when I started to feel them, and If no one is in the room with me, I would close my eyes, focus and try to build them up a bit. I found that not only could I build them up I could get them to come in small sets of waves (only 2 or 3 in a set), something I haven't gotten consistently with the Aneros. Last night I had another session and I did get a little more consistency with the P waves. I had some great sensations legs shaking, fast heart rate, nice good sized waves… but no super “O.” As usual it felt awesome for about 45 minutes then for the last 45 minutes I couldn’t catch hardly any p waves. So here are my questions.

    1) Do these random P wave occurrences sound like "rewiring?”

    2) Though the waves are gradually getting bigger and more intense during my session I don’t really feel it on my prostate. Should I consider modifying my Aneros? Or is this rewiring (if that’s what is happening) indicative of the Aneros working properly?

    3) Most of my sessions are about 1.5 - 2 hours. Should I try shorter sessions? Or just force myself to quit after an hour? It feels the best for about the first hour then I spend the rest of the time on a “wave” quest.

    I think I‘m on the right track. My body is doing things it has never done before. I‘m just looking for some tips that may help me get over the top.