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Frustration update. Now confused . Advice please
  • Hi
    Last week I wrote a thread about how frustrated I am getting. Well try this one for size!

    Last night I had a shower, totally relaxed, inserted the Eupho and lay on side watching some porn. Usual stuff, I get twitching and involuntaries.
    I change position onto my back, pillow raising my bum off the bed and continue. After an hour or so I start getting a strange sensation of tingling on my prostate. I gently concentrate on this feeling which lasts for about 30 seconds, during this time I have a huge erection and I'm panting.
    Again I feel that their is something missing. It felt great but not all there( if you know what I mean!)
    Now the confusing part. This morning as I awake I'm laying on my back and felt the sudden urge to do some breathing with legs apart. I must point out that I DO NOT have the aneros inserted.Well here's the strange part, I start getting severe tingling. Not on the prostate but were the Abatment tab would normally press. I concentrated on this feeling and I can only describe the feeling of nerve ends hitting each other causing the tingling sensation.
    With this feeling I could sense my Prostate enlarging. I also had involuntary contractions and a huge hard on. Now when I stopped I thought that would be it but the strangest feeling happened. I'm completely relaxed then I have this warm feeling like pulses of heat going all over my body.
    I've still got a strange feeling now as I'm writing this of twitching. Really strange

    Why am I getting so many different feelings without the aneros inserted?

    If I could get that feeling when the Eupho is inserted I'm sure that would lead to a Super O.

    I am using the Eupho as I seem to get more feelings with it being thinner than the Helix and the tab is slightly longer

    Advise would be helpful
  • charliecharlie
    Posts: 124
    (this post was edited 2006-07-24 05:34:26)

    Hello Virginsoldier,
    I suspect that you are being what we forum members call "rewired". While it has its pleasant aspects, it can also be quite uncomfortable. Just ride it out. It will eventually go away as you gain control over your muscles and your nerves adjust to the stimulations generated by the aneros. Finally, count yourself fortunate that you are on your way to an aneros free Super-O. Take care and good luck,
  • Can I ask what you mean by Rewired and Uncomfortable?

  • mu1timu1ti
    Posts: 61
    By rewired he means a connection is being established between your body's previously dormant or unused main pleasure centres and your brain.

    It is actually a rewire too, not just a figure of speech. Everything you ever learned or succeeded in doing results in new neurological connections, your brain is testing and establishing new pathways even in the absence of the aneros. This is very cool and in my experience not at all uncomfortable but some guys may find it a bit alarming maybe (not me tho.. :)

    Think of it like this, if you had never used your hand it just would not work or if it did you would have no conscious control over it and hard physical connections would have to be made over time. At the start of your life you may have been able to move your arms and legs but you would not have been able to differentiate between which thought caused each action.

    Hope this makes sense, sounds like you're on a really good path. Cheers! M
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    It's funny you should write this. Lately I've been getting closer to the elusive super "O" myself. My situation is also wierd. First let me say I've been working with the helix for about 8 months with mixed results until receintly. I've been trying to pace myself by putting a couple three days between sessions and I'm finding my body getting reved up. For example last friday after a 1 hour session with some great P waves I concluded an epic super "T" session with my wife. Saturday and Sunday I did nothing, but now today Monday I've noticed my body starting to kick off some P waves... like just in the middle of work I start felling them build. If no one in the room with me I can close my eyes, focus and try to build them up a bit. Now last week when this happened for the first time I would get one P wave randomly through out the day. Today, three days since my last session they have returned more regularly. Also I'm finding not only can I build them up a but I'm starting to get them in waves, something I haven't gotten consistantly with the Aneros in. Does this also sound like "rewiring?" I know I'm getting close... and I hope my persistance will pay off soon.
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    Great discussions. The rewire thing truly has "expanded my horizons." In no time I can be in the middle of an orgasm. Sometimes my wife simply saying "do you want me to send you" can get it started without her even touching me. She knows what butttons to push and quite frankly it doesn't take much. Some of these device-free sessions have been powerful in ways that the others aren't, but they're all GREAT!

    What a terrific support community this is. Maybe aneros should sponsor a convention!